Jan 15, 2014

Nightly Routine

 My nightly routine has been the same for the past few months after visiting my dermatologist here in Alexandria. He recommended I use an alcohol free facial wash along with the amazing Epiduo spot treatment. So lets begin....

I have on makeup in the below pictures. A quick insight on my makeup routine: I use Revlon Nearly Naked foundation with SPF along with drug store brand concealer and MAC eye shadow, liquid eyeliner and skin finish powder. I can tell you guys more about my makeup routine upon request!

Step 1: Remove all makeup from my face using makeup wipes. You can find these at any drug store (CVS, Rite Aid, etc.) or any makeup counter. I start this process by gently wiping my eyes, then lashes then my entire face. I also go over my face with another wipe making sure I have removed all the makeup.

Step 2: Taking a warm washcloth, I pat my face to remove any left over makeup. Using my liquid Castile Soap by Ology (I found this at Walgreens for about $9) I wash my face with a washcloth. I try not to use super hot water when washing my face because that can burn your skin and lead to future wrinkles.
 Step 3: Once I have pat dried my face (twice), I follow up with my Epiduo spot treatment. I use this on any acne spots or troubled spots on my face. This stuff is amazing. It removes a zit overnight.

So guys that's it! That is my nightly routine. I follow up in the morning with a nice oil free moisturizer to repair my skin from all the chemicals from the night before. I hope this helps you all! 
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