Mar 13, 2014

Black and White

Black and White

I don't know about you all but I am totally in love with Topshop at Nordstrom. I have become obsessed with it since day one of its arrival. I recently got a chance to shop at the Nordstrom in Pentagon City Mall. Of course my first stop was Topshop on the 3rd floor. This outfit is inspired by the style, ascetic and overall feel of Topshop. I enjoy fun printed trousers and cropped tops for the spring and summer seasons. Its super easy and totally chic. I decided to do something with black and white tones just to give a different vibe and feel for a springy day. Mostly everyone goes with bright colors for spring but this is a way to incorporate black and white into your spring wardrobe. I would even do this outfit with a colored cropped top and maybe a colored bag but for this sake I stuck with the topic. The key to incorporating black and white into your spring wardrobe is to wear less clothing. For instance, the white and black trousers are a tad bit short which shows more leg. The black platform heels are sandals so again they show more skin. This is an easy way to stay cozy while wearing black and white for the warmer seasons. For accessories you can do a number of things. I would stay away from straw hats with this outfit because it doesn't give off that vibe. I went with a black lightweight floppy hat and a simple black tote bag. The pieces for this outfit is pretty easy to find in stores and the style is very simple. I hope you all found these styling tips helpful! Try it out for yourself!

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