May 7, 2014

Let's Talk Met Gala...

As we all probably know, the 2014 Annual Met Gala was this past week. The best part of this event is the red carpet looks. I love watching it all and picking out the best looks and the worst looks. It's always fun to see what celebrities have decided to wear-- as far as designers, style, colors, etc. Compared to last year's Met Gala, this year's red carpet looks were more subtle and glamorous for sure.
I enjoyed all of the gowns I saw this year, surprisingly. My favorite would have to be Sarah Jessica Parker. She always looks stunning and glowing on the red carpet. Not to mention how ageless and effortless she is. It's incredible and I have a serious woman crush on her for many reasons. But...this post isn't for a "hot" or "not" talk. This is a highlight of a new trend/style I found interesting to see on the red carpet.

These past few summers we have  followed the 'crop top' trend. Shirts, blouses and tanks have reached a shorter hem. I enjoy this trend very much but I must say this trend in my opinion is a hit or miss. I am sure we all will agree that you can either look super chic or super dopey in a crop top. There is no in between. I have always seen crop tops as a street style trend that could only be worn casually. This all changed. To my surprise, many artist and actresses incorporated this trend on the red carpet. Rihanna, Emma Stone and Anne Hathaway are the three ladies I saw totally rock this look at Met Gala. They turned a street style trend into a modern, chic and glamorous red carpet worthy look. These three gowns are all so different but are all so subtle in incorporating a crop top. I love that it shows just a hint of skin which adds a bit more sass!

I am almost certain now that incorporating a crop top in an evening gown will be a new trend for prom season. If you plan on wearing this style to prom, consider this a template for you. This is the right way to do it. This will add flare to your prom gown and a unique touch that will set you apart from everyone else on the dance floor!

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