May 5, 2014

Prom Essentials

Prom Essentials
Prom season has arrived! Inspired by all  of the prom pictures I have seen thus far I have decided to make a prom post! Last year during this time I was getting prepared for prom and running around frantic so that my night could be perfect. A few quick tips for those who are feeling overwhelmed with prom... 1. Take a deep breath and relax. 2. Remember that NOTHING is perfect. 3. Enjoy your time and have fun! These tips will get you through it, I promise. I worried so much about my prom dress, my hair and my makeup that I forgot to just sit back and enjoy my senior year and my friends. The world will not end completely if you don't have the right dress or if you can't get your makeup professionally done. Trust me ladies, your hair will be a mess and your makeup will look dewy by the end of the night. 

Aside from all of the frantic and over dramatic times before prom, I was indeed happy with how everything turned out. The pictures above are from my prom last year. Don't we look adorbs! I purchased my dress in South Carolina during spring break at my auntie's house. We found it at a local vintage boutique. The designer has escaped my mind at the moment but it was a fabulous find! My make up was done by a local make-up artist in Virginia and my hair was done by yours truly. I was on a budget so I  had to make with what I had and overall I was happy with my outcome. I saved a bit of change and I felt and looked great. 

Now lets talk essentials...
In my opinion, prom essentials are those prom pieces or products that can make your outfit fabulous and over the top. Your accessories is a big deal. Just like a day to day outfit, your accessories have to compliment your outfit and add a clean and finished touch. Your clutch/purse is also very important. You will probably be holding it in various pictures so you want it to match your dress and shoes perfectly. The clutch really only matters during picture time. I barely held my clutch at the dance. I was too busy on the dance floor! Other essentials that are important are your mani/pedi, lip color and perfume. These are important for obvious reasons! So don't neglect it.

Happy Prom Season!

ps. If you are going to prom and you are looking for a last minute dress, I am selling this dress in the above pictures. It is a size small/2. It fits very snug. Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing it! 

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