Jun 26, 2014

Casual Outfit: FIDM

This outfit was inspired by my FIDM entrance project. As my casual outfit I chose to style myself in this chic and breezy ensemble. When I think of "casual" I think of an outfit that is easy to throw on but still very put together. An outfit that will be comfortable to take on the day in and make you feel super chic. I think I captured all of that pretty well in this outfit. For details see below.

The olive green pants I am wearing are from Forever 21. I purchased them towards the beginning of the spring for under $20. They are very light and flowy. My top is also from Forever 21. It is a simple cream chiffon button up shirt. It is very long which is why I chose to tuck it in for this look. My hat is from Old Navy. This is one of my favorite hats for the spring and summer seasons. The color is perfect for all of the typical vibrant and warm colors I wear during the hotter months. My clogged heels are by Kork Ease. My mentor, Kathryn Martin, purchased them for me during my last day of my internship with her last summer! I have not worn them often but the few times I have worn them I had no problem with keeping them on all day. They are amazingly comfortable. Now on to the accessories. My woven handbag is from TJ Maxx. This bag is almost ancient. I purchased this almost 5 years ago. I love this bag so much! It is by a brand named Deux Lux. I am not sure if they still make this exact handbag but if I find any like it I will link them below! My serpent stud earrings are by Jenny Bird. I purchased these as soon as they came in at The Shoe Hive. I love them so much. I don't wear earrings often but these are my favorite studs ever! My two rings are vintage. I purchased them at Eastern Market in Washington, DC. Eastern Market is one of my favorite places to shop vintage and handmade goods. If you haven't checked it out, you must! 
For anymore styling tips or outfits you would like me to style be sure to comment below :)

Jun 25, 2014

Beach Necessities

Beach Necessities

Beach weather has arrived! I had so much fun at Ocean City this week. Last summer I was so busy I didn't even go to the beach at all! This summer I refuse to miss the chance to soak up some rays and enjoy the calmness of the ocean. I did nothing while at the beach. Literally, no blogging, texting or working. I just enjoyed myself and laid out in the sun! I got a nice tan too :) So this post is all about the BEACH. What to pack in your beach bag, how to care for your skin while at the beach and how to protect your natural curls in the heat. 

In my beach bag I usually have the essentials--sunscreen, water, shades, chap stick, aloe lotion, a beach towel and a few snacks. The most important thing to remember is water! You must stay hydrated while laying out in the sun. I drink 2 bottles of water before headed to the beach and at least 2 more while laying out in the sun. This will keep you cool while being out in that summer heat. It is also very important to layer on the sun screen. You may want a nice tan but you have to protect your skin from the sun rays. My favorite so far are the Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration sunscreen lotion with SPF 50 and the new Nivea sun-kissed radiance lotion. These two have been very good on my skin so far this summer and they do not have that smelly SPF scent to them. After the beach I make sure to cleanse my face using Clinique Acne Solutions 3 step skin care.

When going to the beach I tend to wear hats to protect my natural curls. The heat and humidity does not work well with my curls. Underneath a hat, I protect my curls with two strand twist. To prep my hair I use water, Shea Moisture Curl & Style Milk and Coconut oil or Hot Six oil. After moisturizing my hair using the L.O.C method I take sections and twist my hair up. When twisting my hair I make sure that I take my time and be very gentle. The twist locks in all of the moisture and keeps my hair tamed underneath the hat. 

I will include a more detailed post on how I care for my hair and skin in the summer months soon. But this is just a little taste. Until then, I hope this helps!

Jun 19, 2014


Today is a happy day in my home! My little sister has graduated from Mac Arthur elementary school's 5th grade class and it is my mother's 43rd birthday! I am so proud of my little sister. She won a citizenship award and a gift card for $100 because of her dedication and love for her school community. I am also so happy to celebrate my mother's birthday today. She has worked so hard and today is her day to celebrate it all. Oh happy day!!!
Now on to my outfit of the day. My outfit was a simple throw on and go  this morning because we were running late for the graduation! I am wearing the jungle printed pants from H&M. A plain white Calvin Klein tee from TJ Maxx. My hat is from TJ Maxx as well which I got on sale! My two necklaces are from She's Unique in OldTown Alexandria. I love these necklaces so much! I literally never take them off. They are great layering pieces! This outfit was so simple to put together but I love it and I feel amazing. 
I hope you all enjoy your Thursday and stay cool! 


Jun 12, 2014

Weekend Uniform

Weekend Uniform

It is almost the weekend! What do you all have planned? For me this weekend will be very casual. I have a graduation to attend maybe a drive in movie and then a play! No matter your schedule or agenda this look is ideal for a laid back kind of weekend. A simple cotton tee with denim boyfriend shorts and fun accessories. It doesn't get much casual than that. But this look brings out chic style in your casualties. With warm tones and fun shoes this outfit will make you look completely effortless this weekend. What I love most about this look is that we all probably have the pieces in our closet for it. Everyone has a cotton tee and denim shorts, right? If not, you must purchase both of these items soon! They are definitely summer essentials. These greek inspired sandals are adorable! I love that they are very different from any other greek inspired sandal out on the shelves right now. The handbag and sunglasses are the cherry on top. They compliment the outfit perfectly with their soft and subtle colors. I promise you no matter what you have in store this weekend, this outfit will be the perfect comfortable look for you.  

Jun 9, 2014



Despite the yucky humid weather in the District, somewhere in the world it is bright and sunny! Waking up this morning to no sunshine blazing into my room really mad me sad and lazy. I am sure many of us felt this way getting up this morning which is what inspired me to style this outfit! Everything about this look screams out west coast to me. My dream home.

I decided to style this outfit with the Stuart Weitzman Greek sandals because they are indeed the perfect go to summer shoe. You can find these at The Shoe Hive located on 127 South Fairfax St in Oldtown, Alexandria. My favorite piece in this outfit is the casual white dress. You can find something similar to this at Gap, Old Navy, Target, TJ Maxx and Marshalls. The dress is very easy to style and work appropriate for those who can incorporate casual wear into their work wardrobe. I suggest everyone find something similar to this dress and if they have it in several colors get them all! You will definitely get a ton of wear out of them this summer.

The accessories are very fun and funky! My favorite is the sunglasses. The chain frame adds a lot of flare to this outfit because they are very unique and chic. The olive green handbag compliments the brown and white perfectly. It adds to the soft tones but it also distracts from all of the brown and gold in the outfit. This outfit is perfect for a casual day around town, meeting with friends or running errands.
I hope this brightens up your hazy Monday!

Jun 8, 2014

Summer Reading List

This summer I have decided to catch up on some good readings. I have always loved to read but for the past year I have not been doing well with completing my seasonal reading list. This summer I am determined to read, review and learn from each book I have included on my summer reading list. Thanks to many reviews and recommendations I have picked 5 books that I MUST read. I have heard nothing but great things about these books so I am very excited to try them all! If you all have read any of these or are planning to read them this summer I would love to start an online book club with you all. Please comment below if you would be interested in this!
#bookworm ;)

Jun 7, 2014

Prom #3

Yesterday was PROM! This was my third high school prom. I know, three is the charm. Out of all the proms I have attended this one was my best (outfit wise). The location was at Army Navy Drive Country Club. It was a beautiful location for a prom. There was an amazing balcony with a view of the Washington Monument. The music was great and the food was delicious.

Now on with my outfit details! My formal jumpsuit was made by Hanifa. I located this 23 year old designer on Instagram last year and I completely fell in love with her work. You can locate more of her work at http://www.shophanifa.com. She is self taught but you could not tell by her execution of this piece! I paired this jumpsuit with plain black pumps. The jumpsuit was very long, which I loved! I did not need to do anything more for accessories because the jumpsuit spoke for itself. The Shoe Hive provided me with these fabulous accessories. The clutch is made by Moyna, the earrings are by Alexis Bittar and the moonstone ring is made by Asha. My makeup was done at the MAC counter in Nordstrom Pentagon City by a lovely young lady. Unfortunately I did not catch her name but she was darling and did a wonderful job. A va va voom smoky eye with a subtle but dark toned red lip. Loved loved loved this look so much!
But no more proms for me. ;)

Jun 5, 2014

Jungle Fever

Happy Thursday everyone! Above is my outfit of the day. Waking up this morning was so dreadful for me. I had a ton to do in only a few hours before coming into work. The weather was ugly and I just wasn't feeling it. So to change my mood around I decided to throw on something super fun instead of something totally lazy like I usually do on days like these. 

The pants are from H&M which I purchased last summer from their Conscious collection. My blouse is also from H&M. I wish they had this blouse in several colors because it is the perfect blouse for spring and summer. I would wear this blouse casually with boyfriend jeans and sandals as well. My shoes are from The Shoe Hive. I was debating if I needed to purchase these when they came in last week. I decided to try them on with my outfit today and fell in love. Which means I have to get them! Right?They are Vince Camuto. The material is suede and they have a very chunky heel. They were very comfy and flattering on my feet. 
Love love love them! 

Jun 4, 2014

Graduation or Wedding

Graduation or Wedding

Are you attending a graduation or wedding this summer? This outfit is PERFECT for an occasion such as that. The dress can be worn casually. But with the right shoes and accessories the dress is transformed into something a bit more formal. The colored necklace compliments the neckline of the dress as well as the soft color of the shoe. The bag is the main accessory that brings the entire outfit together. The key to this outfit is keeping the soft tones complimentary to one another. 
With this outfit, all eyes will be on you! 


Jun 2, 2014

On the go

I think we can all agree that Mondays are the hardest days of each week. Either you didn't get enough rest over the weekend or you're just not ready for another week of work. No matter the reason, Mondays are usually dreadful for us all. But if we all change our mindset and prepare for a week of joyfulness, determination, peace and resilience on Monday I am sure it will change how we feel when starting our day. This Monday I have decided to captivate the sunshine in me and radiate it through you all.

Here is my outfit of the day. I am wearing harem pants from Urban Outfitters. I love these pants because they have belt loops in them. For me this means I can wear them high up on my waist which is what I prefer when wearing pants like these. My loose fit crop top is from Forever 21. This top was only $5 so of course I had to get one in just about every color. My bracelet and collar necklace are vintage which I purchased at Eastern Market in D.C last summer. My sunglasses are from H&M. I am obsessed with the big round framed sunglasses for spring and summer. They are such a statement piece.

My make-up essentials in the very last photograph are my holy grail on the go products. I have super oily skin so during the day I tend to look like a greasy monster. These NYX blotting papers are the key to getting rid of the excess oil around my face. I found these on sale at Target for $2. So I stocked up on them because they are that good! Elf is an affordable makeup brand carried by many drug stores. I found this matte lip color pencil in "natural" at Target. This pencil is beautiful; it is matte but not dry. I usually add this pencil with my Nivea shimmer chap stick. This combination brightens my lips and adds a sheer glow bringing my entire outfit together.
Perfection indeed!

Jun 1, 2014


What does your typical Sunday consist of? No matter what your normal Sunday schedule is, this outfit will be perfect to throw on and go. For me, Sundays are for running errands and maybe catching up on a little bit of shopping. If I'm lucky I get to just lounge around the house! But for the most part when running errands and doing a bit of shopping I don't feel like getting too dressed up. 
This outfit is the perfect combination of casual and put together. As said in my previous look, a printed pant is a MUST HAVE for the spring and summer months. You can find them at Forever 21, H&M, Gap, Nordstroms, Urban Outfitters and a ton of other retail stores. 
When styling most of my printed pants I tend to wear something like this. I decided to do a white sandal with this outfit to compliment the dark colors in the pant and the light color of the shirt. Simple tricks like this can make a huge difference once your all dressed and looking in the mirror! 
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