Jun 26, 2014

Casual Outfit: FIDM

This outfit was inspired by my FIDM entrance project. As my casual outfit I chose to style myself in this chic and breezy ensemble. When I think of "casual" I think of an outfit that is easy to throw on but still very put together. An outfit that will be comfortable to take on the day in and make you feel super chic. I think I captured all of that pretty well in this outfit. For details see below.

The olive green pants I am wearing are from Forever 21. I purchased them towards the beginning of the spring for under $20. They are very light and flowy. My top is also from Forever 21. It is a simple cream chiffon button up shirt. It is very long which is why I chose to tuck it in for this look. My hat is from Old Navy. This is one of my favorite hats for the spring and summer seasons. The color is perfect for all of the typical vibrant and warm colors I wear during the hotter months. My clogged heels are by Kork Ease. My mentor, Kathryn Martin, purchased them for me during my last day of my internship with her last summer! I have not worn them often but the few times I have worn them I had no problem with keeping them on all day. They are amazingly comfortable. Now on to the accessories. My woven handbag is from TJ Maxx. This bag is almost ancient. I purchased this almost 5 years ago. I love this bag so much! It is by a brand named Deux Lux. I am not sure if they still make this exact handbag but if I find any like it I will link them below! My serpent stud earrings are by Jenny Bird. I purchased these as soon as they came in at The Shoe Hive. I love them so much. I don't wear earrings often but these are my favorite studs ever! My two rings are vintage. I purchased them at Eastern Market in Washington, DC. Eastern Market is one of my favorite places to shop vintage and handmade goods. If you haven't checked it out, you must! 
For anymore styling tips or outfits you would like me to style be sure to comment below :)

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