Jun 12, 2014

Weekend Uniform

Weekend Uniform

It is almost the weekend! What do you all have planned? For me this weekend will be very casual. I have a graduation to attend maybe a drive in movie and then a play! No matter your schedule or agenda this look is ideal for a laid back kind of weekend. A simple cotton tee with denim boyfriend shorts and fun accessories. It doesn't get much casual than that. But this look brings out chic style in your casualties. With warm tones and fun shoes this outfit will make you look completely effortless this weekend. What I love most about this look is that we all probably have the pieces in our closet for it. Everyone has a cotton tee and denim shorts, right? If not, you must purchase both of these items soon! They are definitely summer essentials. These greek inspired sandals are adorable! I love that they are very different from any other greek inspired sandal out on the shelves right now. The handbag and sunglasses are the cherry on top. They compliment the outfit perfectly with their soft and subtle colors. I promise you no matter what you have in store this weekend, this outfit will be the perfect comfortable look for you.  

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