Jul 30, 2014

Hair Talk

Lets talk hair! I have been natural for 3 years now. I know my hair is very short for going on year 4 but I had a lot of trouble with my natural hair in the beginning. I did not know how to care for it or how to wear it without it just looking like a stupid afro. After 3 big chops, yes I said 3, I finally learned how to care for my natural hair. My number one problem before was wanting everyone else's natural hair instead of my own. I saw pictures of women with natural long and luscious hair and I wanted that hair! Finally, I realized that I needed to embrace the texture of my own natural hair. After my last big chop I decided that I didn't want my hair to just grow into an afro. I didn't want it to be the same length all around. Thus I went to my barber in Alexandria, VA and told him to give me a Mohawk. I think he was more excited than I was about it! I have continuously shaved my sides as the middle of my hair has grown out. I love my Mohawk! It's so different and unique. Now lets talk regimen.

Every 3 days I co wash with the Trader Joes Tea Tree Tingle Conditioner. I love this product. It has great slip and it is a natural product (for the most part). It makes for a great co wash. I finish my co wash with refrigerated Aloe Vera Juice. The chill of the juice shocks my hair cuticles which keeps that moisture into my curly locs. For a wash and go I use my handy dandy DIY Flax Seed Gel. I will link a video of how to make it below by Naptural85 (one of my favorite YouTube natural hair gurus).  For my twist outs (which is what I am rocking in my pictures above) I just oil my hair using my DIY oil recipe which has grape seed oil, vitamin e, jojoba oil, castor oil and hot six oil. I am cutting down on the amount of products I am using on my hair. I like to stick with natural products!


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