Jul 2, 2014

July 4 Attire

July 4 Attire

Are you all ready for July 4? I love this time of year. It brings a ton of people together and everyone has a great time. From the yummy cookout food to the amazing fireworks lighting up the night sky, July 4 is my favorite time of the summer. Celebrating America's independence and being close to your loved ones. There is nothing better than that. No matter your plans for this Independence Day, be sure to drink lots of water and have a beautiful time!

Now on to my styling tips for your July 4th attire. When styling this outfit I tried to incorporate the red, white and blue which we all know are essentials in ever independence day outfit, decorations, etc. I wanted to make this outfit super fun and casual. That is how I see every independence day. You want to just have lots of fun, right! And what is more fun than a denim jumper? Nothing at all. This denim jumper is so adorable! It is very casual--perfect for a cookout. In this outfit, the jumper incorporates the color blue within our essential red, white and blue ensemble. The white leather tank top is very simple. Which is what this outfit needs. Nothing over the top and spectacular. Just funk and flare. The Converse sneaker and sunglasses are must haves when putting together an outfit like this one. They add more color to what could be a basic neutral toned outfit. The handbag is the only accessory you will need. I decided to go for a dark brown to contrast with the soft colors in the jumper and top. 

I don't know about you all but I will be purchasing a denim jumper today! This outfit has definitely inspired me to do something super fun and different for this Friday. I hope you all enjoy your holiday and...
Happy 4th!

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