Aug 30, 2014

Trend Alert: Dark Lips

Trend Alert: Dark Lips

This upcoming fall season we have seen so many different beauty trends surfacing. My favorite thus far is the dark lip colors. I first fell in love with the darker lip when Rihanna was spotted wearing black lipstick. I loved the color on her and the idea of such a dark and harsh color with a subtle beauty look. Then came Kylie Jenner. Everyone (including myself) fell in love with the dark and matte lip color she wore in her Instagram photos. It is such a universal color, meaning it would look GREAT on any skin color. This trend is definitely one that we all should be following. If you are a beauty guru or if you just love wearing make up in general, you should go out and swatch a few of these darker lipstick colors. Try them out for yourself. See which colors work best for you! My two favorite dark lip colors are by MAC Cosmetics. My first is the Viva Glam Lipstick in the color Viva Glam III. My second is the Mineralize Rich Lipstick in the color Lush Life (click the links for full details). Here are a few inspiring photos for this new dark lip trend. 

Take notes ;)


Aug 27, 2014

Maxi Love

Yesterday's outfit of the day was inspired by the bohemian and gypsy style. I loved this look very much which is why I took a million selfies in my phone :) My outfit details are as followed:

My maxi dress is from H&M. I purchased this maxi on sale for only $7. It was a great find. I am 5'7.5 so it is kind of hard to find maxi dresses that are long enough for me. This dress is pretty long with an elastic waist. My kimono vest was purchased at TJ Maxx. It was pretty affordable as well. I love this vest! It is the perfect throw on for a casual or boring outfit. This piece adds a lot of flare to this look, without it this look would be very casual and simple. For my accessories I am wearing my gold watch by Pink Accessories, my vintage charm bracelets from the Flea Market. I did not wear any necklaces with this look because the neckline of the dress is very high. Instead I threw on a nice fedora styled hat which I found at Target for $15. All together, this look was perfect for a simple work day at Mint Condition. I would also wear this look for a Saturday outing, a school day or a casual event.

Hope you all love this look as much as I do!

Aug 21, 2014

Rugged Chic

Rugged Chic
This morning I woke up feeling dreadful. I was tired, mad at the world and completely out of it. My mood inspired me to style this outfit diary. When I am in a bad mood, my outfit always reflects that mood. If I am angry or upset, I tend to wear darker colors with a little more edge. This outfit, in my opinion, reflects a grumpy, rugged mood. You know those days when you hate everyone and just feel like everyone is in your way? Well this outfit is perfect for a day like that! In one word, I would describe this look as rugged. Not in the literal meaning but as in edgy and tough. This is also a great transitional outfit from summer into fall. There is still less coverage for a warmer day (around 70 degrees) but the colors are very dark thus creating the perfect balance of summer and fall.

When dealing with black and gray outfits, I always like to incorporate something that brings it all together. A piece that balances the black and gray tones perfectly. In this case, that piece is the scarf. It has the perfect colors in it that completes this look. The accents compliment the shaggy gray jumpsuit as well as the dusty black vest. The shoes and the backpack add so much flare to this look!  They make the look very edgy and they add a sense of toughness to the look that will make any girl feel completely bad***. This look is one of my favorites thus far.
Don't be afraid to try it out!

Aug 19, 2014

Totally Trendy

Today's outfit of the day was totally trendy! I enjoyed styling this outfit and wearing it, of course. Today was a pretty chill day for me, so I figured I would jazz it up with a chic outfit. I started my new job at Mint Condition in Oldtown, VA today. So far, I love it! It is a consignment boutique off of King St. It has top designer names for reasonable prices as well as other affordable and trendy designers. If you live in the area, definitely pop in to say hello! Now on to my outfit details.

I am wearing my Urban Outfitters harem pants. Which I purchased on sale in the beginning of the summer. My tank top is totally adorable. The back is a little longer than the front, giving it a high-low affect. It is also very flowy which was another bonus for me. I purchased this top at Nordstrom Rack for $9.95- a great deal! My shoes are by Dolce Vita, I purchased them at Nordstrom Rack as well for an amazing price. I believe they were about $25 on sale. My accessories are basically the same as my previous post. I am wearing my vintage silver cuff from the Flea Market with my She's Unique rose gold necklace. As you all may know by now, I don't have a huge wardrobe. Most of my wardrobe consist of "basics" which I mix and match to make different looks. I am saying this because a lot of what I am wearing in this look I have styled many different ways before. In my opinion, if you do not have the money to build a big and luxurious wardrobe, stick with a few basics and then add a few fun pieces.
You can pretty much work with what you got if you have the right attitude!


Aug 18, 2014

Statement Necklace

I'm all about statement pieces! I think everyone should own a few statement pieces in their jewelry bar and wardrobe. My statement piece for this outfit was of course, my vintage beaded necklace. I purchased this necklace at an antique market in the city. It is one of my favorite statement pieces in my jewelry bar. I have worn this all summer long basically. It looks great with simple tank tops and maxi dresses. It really adds funk to any outfit and it was only $20. Now on to the rest of my outfit.

I am wearing my new fashion find from Buffalo Exchange in Georgetown, DC. The red palazzo pants were only $15 at this amazing shop. If you are not familiar with the store, I would suggest you take a day and go check it out. It is super affordable and very trendy. They are a resale boutique, so you are able to sell your clothing for monetary value or store credit. The pants are very breezy with pleated detail at the front. They are also super long which I absolutely love. I am 5'8 so it is hard to find palazzo pants that I can wear at my hips and still cover my feet. My tank top is a basic from H&M which was under $10. The tank top is a tad bit see through so I paired it with a black bandeau from Forever 21. The bandeau was only $4 so I had to rack up on a few colors. I loved this outfit and I felt very comfortable in it as I had a long work day ahead of me!

Happy Monday! :)

Aug 15, 2014

Trend Alert: Leather Jackets

Must Have Fall Piece

This Trend Alert was inspired by this amazing biker chic look I found on Pinterest yesterday (last photo). I began to think about fall and winter and what pieces are great transitional pieces for the colder seasons. Automatically I thought of leather jackets. You can wear a leather jacket with just about any outfit. I would wear a leather jacket with a flirty dress and booties, boyfriend shorts and a tee shirt with boots, leggings with a knit sweater and flats. There are so many options of what to style leather jackets with which makes them perfect for this transitional season.
There are so many different styles and shapes so it can be overwhelming finding the right one for you. In my opinion, you want a leather jacket that is a little form fitting with a very shapely silhouette. I have found a few styles that may work for different body shapes and different preferences. For instance, I love the blazer styled jacket with leather sleeves. I find it more interesting and chic. No matter your preference or style, there are a ton of retail stores that sale multiple shapes, sizes, colors and styles of leather jackets. Some retail stores I have noticed thus far stocking up on this trend are Forever 21, Nordstrom, Urban Outfitters, All Saints, Zara, H&M, Free People and more! I would suggest you get yourself a leather jacket for this season.
Trust me you won't be disappointed!


Dolce Vita: Cut Out Booties

 Yesterday's outfit was inspired by the chic and grunge look of my new fashion find- Dolce Vita Booties. I found these booties on sale at Nordstrom Rack for $25 during their Clear The Rack sale. I love this style so much, particularly because they can be worn in the summer, spring or fall. They are kind of perforated with a subtle pointy toe. The heel height is perfect for all day. I wore these to work and had no problems at all!

When styling this outfit, I wanted to look effortless but totally bad ***. My harem pants are Urban Outfitters. I purchased them on sale (of course) for $20. My shirt is Calvin Klein. I purchased it from TJ Maxx for $20. Again, my accessories are very simple. Although I feel that I could have done a bit more with accessorizing I chose to stick with my rose gold necklace from She's Unique and a simple gold watch. I enjoyed styling this outfit very much. It is perfect for a typical work day, hanging out with girlfriends or running a bit of errands. And since fall is right around the corner...
This outfit is a good transition!


Aug 13, 2014

Madewell Maxi Skirt

Today I have an interview! I am very excited and hoping for the best. This ensemble is my interview ready outfit. I am not very conservative with my style. I lean towards business casual but still business appropriate. I wanted to wear something fun and stylish for this interview. I purchased this maxi/midi skirt from Madewell almost 2 months ago when they were having a nice summer sale. It was an additional 30% off of the already marked down sale price! I love getting great deals, especially from stores that are a little bit out of my budget.

Any who, the skirt fits me like a charm. It is draw string so I am able to wear it around my waist or at my hips. I paired the skirt with a plain button up chiffon top from Forever 21. This top is very long so it was perfect for this "tucked in" look. My shoes are the same ol gladiator inspired wedged heels found in my other post. I tend to wear these a lot because they are super comfortable! My accessories are very simple. Since this is a job interview I did not want to layer on the bracelets and necklaces. I wanted to keep it very simple and elegant. My rose gold necklace is from She's Unique in Oldtown, Alexandria. My gold watch is from Pink Accessories. I purchased this bad boy for $30! And it is still holding up wonderfully. SO, that is my ootd interview ready outfit.
Wish me luck!

Aug 11, 2014

College Girl: Ready For Fall

College Girl: ready for fall

This time of year is bittersweet for many college students. Its time to head back to college, leaving your friends, family and summer time. By the time you get back into the jest of college life, fall will be here. This outfit is inspired by the college girl going back to school. In my opinion, these items are essential in everyone's fall wardrobe. They are the basics and must haves for fall.
Boyfriend jeans are great for everyone. They add a masculine look to any outfit. If you are into the androgynous look, boyfriend jeans are definitely the perfect piece for you. You can find different styles of boyfriend jeans in many retail stores such as Urban Outfitters, H&M, Forever 21, Nordstrom and even Gap Outlet. Knit sweaters are also easy to find but there is a whole variety of styles and colors. For me its hard to find the perfect knit sweaters. So far I have found great knit sweaters at H&M and Urban Outfitters. I enjoy cropped knit sweaters as well as baggy knit sweaters, I found these styles more flattering on me. So I stick to them. My favorite part of fall are ankle booties. I enjoy the different styles, shapes and colors! These booties are ideal for a college girl. The heel height is perfect and the cut out style is great for a more young and hip girl. It shows style and fashion sense. The hat and backpack add more style and funk to the outfit. They complete the look!
So what's your college fall wardrobe like?

Aug 7, 2014

Cotton Midi Dress

Today's outfit of the day is owed to Gap Outlet. During their huge summer sale I purchased this cotton midi dress for $20. I also got it in black as well. The dress fits me so perfectly. It is very flattering and comfortable. I love shift dresses and loose fitting dresses more than I do fitted dresses. So when I saw this dress I just had to try it on. I loved it as soon as I slipped it on in the Gap fitting room. It isn't like any other dress I purchased this summer. It has pockets on the sides but you can't tell just by looking at it. It has an asymmetrical cut at the bottom which is my favorite detail of the dress. It fits like a tank top at the top and a flowy skirt at the bottom. 

I wanted to accessorize the dress up a bit because it does look pretty casual with simple sandals. I am wearing my low wedge gladiator sandals which I purchased for $15 at Marshalls almost 2 summers ago, my Deux Lux woven tote bag, a silver and antique black vintage cuff along with my She's Unique rose gold necklace and my Nashelle initial necklace. I love mixing my casual pieces with fun and funky accessories to make a different statement. 
Today, my outfit says "I'm ready for the day!"

Aug 5, 2014

Trend Alert: Fall Shoe Love

Fall Shoe Love

I am looking forward to the fall season. Although summer is always good to me, my heart is truly in love with fall. Windy mornings, colorful scenery, pumpkin spice lattes, boots and chunky sweaters. These few days I have been catching up on the latest fashion news, glancing at my favorite retail magazines and catalogs, reading fashion magazines, etc. I love the new trends for this fall but I find the shoe trends to be most interesting. The booties have cut outs and fun laces. The sneakers are being styled with cute skirts and dresses. The heels and flats are more interesting and funky. I can tell that this fall will bring lots of new styles and looks.
My particular fall style consist of lots of chunky knits, boyfriend jeans, leggings, high waist jeans, blazers and scarves. To be honest, I don't pay that much attention to my shoe wardrobe but this coming fall I have decided to make a change. I am putting a lot of thought and money into my shoe wardrobe. After all, a shoe, just like an accessory can make or break an outfit. I keep my outfits very simple in the colder months, thus I want to have fun and funky shoes that will add more spice to each outfit. So far, I have found these styles at retail stores like ASOS, Nordstrom, Nasty Gal, Steve Madden, Aldo Shoes, Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters. I will be purchasing all of these styles and more for the fall.
I will keep you all updated on my fashion finds for the start of fall!
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