Aug 30, 2014

Trend Alert: Dark Lips

Trend Alert: Dark Lips

This upcoming fall season we have seen so many different beauty trends surfacing. My favorite thus far is the dark lip colors. I first fell in love with the darker lip when Rihanna was spotted wearing black lipstick. I loved the color on her and the idea of such a dark and harsh color with a subtle beauty look. Then came Kylie Jenner. Everyone (including myself) fell in love with the dark and matte lip color she wore in her Instagram photos. It is such a universal color, meaning it would look GREAT on any skin color. This trend is definitely one that we all should be following. If you are a beauty guru or if you just love wearing make up in general, you should go out and swatch a few of these darker lipstick colors. Try them out for yourself. See which colors work best for you! My two favorite dark lip colors are by MAC Cosmetics. My first is the Viva Glam Lipstick in the color Viva Glam III. My second is the Mineralize Rich Lipstick in the color Lush Life (click the links for full details). Here are a few inspiring photos for this new dark lip trend. 

Take notes ;)


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