Sep 13, 2014

Fall Favorites 2014

Fall Favorites

Fall is right around the corner! The weather is beginning to change and I am ecstatic about it all. Fall is my favorite season, the weather is great, no allergies, no insane bugs and most importantly GREAT fashion. There is so much potential and excitement in fall fashion. There is so many styles, details, and accessories that make up a single fall wardrobe. It was so hard figuring out what I considered my fall favorites  for this upcoming fall season. After a lot of thought and consideration I came up with 7 fall favorites that I believe are worth purchasing! And with the help of we can get these items in such a way that you will not believe.
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Now let us discuss what I am digging this fall! My fall favorites are pertaining to my own personal style. I love a lot of baggy, androgynous looks for fall. My first favorite is the wool floppy hat. I suggest everyone get at least one hat this winter. It makes all the difference. A chic hat can change a simple outfit into a high fashion street style look. Next are the oxford loafers. I have also been a fanatic for oxfords but the new styles and designs that I have seen thus far are completely to die for. My third favorite is the leather tote. A simple tote bag is all I need. Seriously, with the right leather tote you can conquer the world (dramatic I know). Next is the cape/poncho sweater. I am just showing one version of this style but there are so many different designs and variations to choose from. I personally believe that the bigger and baggier the sweater, the better! Of course I had to include the boyfriend jeans. I live in these jeans all year around but I love pairing them with baggy sweaters, blazers and scarves in the fall. It looks so effortless. My next favorite is the cropped knit sweater. I think that this piece is timeless and is very versatile. You can pair a cropped sweater with a long maxi dress, jeans, a midi skirt or harem pants. Last but not least is my absolute favorite, the midi skirt. I have fallen madly in love with midi skirts this year. I especially love the midi skirts with oxford loafers. It is definitely a throw back to the 20s. That's it! Those are my 7 fall favorites for 2014. If you all have not done your fall shopping, I hope you all took away some great tips and ideas that will help you!
Fall, we're ready for you!

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