Oct 19, 2014

Duster Cardigan

Howdy! I had another great outfit so I decided to do a quick post for you all. This outfit is so simple. I literally had 30 minutes to get ready for work and head out the door. I looked at my closet and this is what I pulled out! It is pretty cool outside today so I needed to stay warm which is why I wanted to wear my long duster cardigan. Funny story, this cardigan was floor length until it was accidentally thrown into the dryer. A sad day for my wardrobe. Anyway, I am wearing plain black trousers from H&M. I've had these trousers for a few years and I don't think H&M has them in stores anymore. But they are super comfortable, cozy and easy to style. My cream blouse is also by H&M. Another basic staple in my wardrobe that I can style multiple ways. I am wearing my new favorite loafers by Topshop. They are SO great. I got a scuff on them the other day and wanted to cry, but it rubbed right off! I'm telling you, these shoes were definitely worth my $60. I went a little above and beyond with my accessories (not really). I am wearing my staple Pink Accessories watch, my sterling silver thumb ring and my bar necklace from She's Unique.

My hair is that same old twist out from my last post. I simply revive my hair in the morning with water and a little bit of oil/serum. That mixture usually does the trick for my hair. It allows my hair to keep its length and texture. It is important to keep my hair moisturized daily when holding on to an old style. Otherwise, it just wont be pretty. Well, that is it for now my loves.

Happy Sunday!


  1. If you were stranded on an island and you were only allowed: 3 pieces of clothing, two makeup items, one accessory, and one pair of shoes what would they be?
    Also I love your name (Patience)! What is the meaning/story behind it?

    -Beth, Georgetown, DC

    1. Hi Beth!

      I though about this for a while before finally responding! Haha. Ideally, I would trade my two makeup items for clothing, makeup isn't that important to me. And I will just assume that its spring/summer all year around at this island.
      Clothing: Long Tunic, basic tee and harem pants. I can think of 5 different outfits I can make with these 3 pieces!
      Makeup: Lip balm and mascara. Mascara makes all the difference for me!
      Accessories: Statement necklace (you can find that piece in one of my old post) and my promise ring.
      Shoes: Gladiator sandals. Can't live without them.
      All of these items are probably most important to me and my wardrobe. What would you take on this deserted island?

      I get this question a lot about my name. My mother always explains her pregnancy with me as easy. She says that I was very patient, which is ironic because now I have no patience at all!

      Thank you for your comment Beth and keep reading! xo



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