Oct 2, 2014

How To Wear It: Skirts and Dresses (in the winter)

How To Wear It

  Hi everyone! I hope all is well. I have been crazy busy with Fashion Week and my new job so I haven't been able to post anything this week! But I am back and ready to share these quick styling tips with you all. This post is dedicated to winter looks and ideas for skirts and dresses. In my opinion, there are three main ways to wear dresses in the winter. I have shared with you all 3 looks that represent each way. I also tried my best to represent the different styles of dresses that should make up your fall/winter wardrobe. So we have a flirty A-line dress, a slim fitted dress and a shift dress. With an A-line dress I believe that oxford, thigh high socks and an oversized sweater is the best way to wear it. This look is easy to style and flattering on everyone. The second look is perfect for a work environment or a typical night out. This dress paired with tights and high heels is the perfect way to rock this look. Easy and simple.  The third look is my favorite. This season is all about knee high boots. I personally love the lace up knee high boots the most. With a shift dress and a scarf this look will keep you warm and looking chic around town. No tights needed.
 Now on to skirts. In my fall/winter wardrobe I have 3 main styles of skirts. These styles include midi, pencil and mini. For midi skirts, I love wearing oxfords and cute socks. A nice blouse usually perfects this look but you can also wear sweaters and a tank top with a blazer. Pencil skirts are perfect for the work environment. Paired with  a cropped sweater, tights and high heels makes for a chic look. You can also wear a blazer and a blouse for a more work formal look. The mini skirts are my favorite. I love them because they can be worn so many different ways. For this look I decided to pair the mini skirt with a slouchy sweater and pointed toe booties. This look is the most casual in my opinion. It is perfect for casual school days. That is all of my styling tips for how to wear skirts and dresses this winter.
I hope this was helpful! Happy Fall xo

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