Oct 29, 2014

Protective Styling: Finger Coils

Hey hey hey! I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful weather today. I wanted to share this quick hair post with you all. If you all follow me on Instagram, I am sure you all have seen my post on this new hair look. I wanted to try a protective style that would last me a week or so. My hair started to feel a bit dry and brittle so I figured it was time for a little TLC. I am not one to wear extensions or braids so this is as close as I will probably get to a protective style for my natural hair. If you all are not familiar with protective styling it is a method for natural hair. It allows you to focus moisture into your hair with less manipulation and styling. It is also a great way for length retention.

Finger coils are super easy to do! I did not need any hair tools to accomplish this look. I only used my fingers! Yes, just my fingers. Before styling my hair I wanted to make sure it was in great condition. I washed my hair using the Trader Joe's Tea Tree Tingle Shampoo. I then deep conditioned my hair using a protein sensitive DIY conditioner. I found this recipe on YouTube from one of my favorite YouTube personalities, Naptural85. She has so many great DIY deep condition treatments for natural hair. I used her DIY protein sensitive conditioner and left it on my hair with a shower cap for an hour. I then followed up with my favorite conditioner, Trader Joe's Tea Tree Tingle Conditioner. My hair felt so amazing after this treatment. I also use African Royale Hot Six oil to seal in all of the moisture after washing and conditioning my hair. I have been using this oil for years! It works great for my hair.

Then it was time for the styling. I coated my hair in the Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen, Grow and Restore Leave-In Conditioner (that was a handful). This conditioner is to die for. I absolutely love this conditioner and it smells amazing. Thanks to all the hair dye, my hair was getting a little damaged. This conditioner restored my hair in less than a month. I then used my DIY flax seed gel and sectioned my hair into small sections. Then I began to twist! You literally just twist the hair around your finger and the coils begin to form. I added the flax seed gel as needed. So far my hair is still holding up (day 3) and I love it.

If you all are looking for a great protective style, try this out!

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