Oct 23, 2014

Sneakers with a Twist

Sneakers with a Twist

As requested by one of my amazing followers, I have a new Trend Alert for you all! This trend has been on the rise for the past few months. It is very special and crafty in my opinion because you have to style accordingly. I first started to fall in love with this trend when I spotted a few street style photos of Solange Knowles. She totally rocks this look! I don't think there is a true name or title for this trend but I think of it as a feminine twist to wearing sneakers. We will focus on how to wear these sneakers with dresses and skirts. I wanted to break this down with 3 different style of sneakers to make it easier for you all to understand the trend. So, we have the slip-on sneaker, the running sneaker and the tennis shoe. I have come up with distinct ways to style each of these sneakers.
First, we will discuss the Slip-On Sneaker. This is the easiest to style! They resemble flat ballet shoes so in a way the same sort of outfits you wear with flats, you can wear with these sneakers. They are a bit chunky on your feet so it is best to add a flirty skirt. The flirty skirt takes away from the masculine and chunky sneaker. I love midi skirts because they keep you warm during the colder months. The pleats make them very feminine, which in this case we need. I would pair the skirt with a cropped sweater or a loose fitting sweater. Whichever you prefer would work. You want to play around with proportions here. So maybe try tucking in your sweater.
Next, we will chat about the Running Sneaker. The most popular running sneaker is the Roshe Run by Nike. This sneaker is very light weight so it is not very masculine. But because it is a running sneaker, it is hard to dress up. These sneakers are best worn with dresses or tunics. The length of the dress matters. You want a dress that is a little shorter. A shorter dress shows off your legs and those amazing calf muscles. Since these are running shoes, we want to stick with the sporty look. Simple mini dresses and shift dresses are perfect for conquering this trend.
Finally, we can discuss my favorite sneaker, the Tennis Shoe.  I am sure we are all most familiar with this style sneaker. Brands such as Rebook and New Balance carry them. Currently, new balance tennis shoes are all the rave! They come in many different colors so you have a huge variety to pick from. These can also be pretty easy to style. Because they are very bold in color, it is best to stick with simple colors. If you are bold, you can totally rock the mix patterns and colors. However, I like to keep it simple. As with running shoes, sneakers are best worn with shorter lengths. I would not wear dresses with this style unless it is a casual dress, such as a denim dress or button up tunic. Usually, a mini skirt and a chunky sweater will do the trick!
I hope you all took away some great styling tips and ideas from this post!
If you guys have any other questions just comment below. xo

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