Oct 24, 2014

Springfield Town Center: Topshop Experience

Hey everyone! I wanted to share my Topshop experience with you all. On Tuesday, my mother and I decided to go to the new Springfield Town Center. It opened last Friday night, I believe. I was unable to make the grand opening because of work but I could not wait to see the transformation! My first stop was Topshop. I have fallen in love with Topshop! There debut in Nordstrom was the start of it all. I love the esthetic of the brand. It is very pop culture with a taste of chic and professionalism.  
As you walk into Springfield Town Center, the first thing you see is Topshop bright as day. Or maybe it was just me :) At first I thought it looked out of place. Having a Topshop in Springfield is very odd to me but I am not complaining. When you walk into the store you hear funky music, you see bright lights, grayscale colors and amazingness. The mannequins are dressed and styled perfectly. The employees are very nice and for the most part, fit right in with the brands esthetic. Everything is so nice and neat. To the left of the store, they have more professional styled clothing and to the right they have more casual chic, tomboyish clothing. The best of both words. They also have a petite section in the store for all of you petite ladies out there. Towards the back of the store they have a wall full of SHOES. So many boots, slip-on sneakers, flats and loafers. I was in heaven. I wanted to buy every pair they had. Of course my wallet wouldn't have allowed that to happen. My favorite was the lace up bootie (in the picture above). I had to purchase them ASAP. They were only $60 so I could justify the purchase. Overall, my experience with Topshop was amazing and I will be going back soon!
If you are unfamiliar with Springfield Town Center it was once Springfield Mall. It is located at 6500 Springfield Mall, Springfield, VA 22150. They also have H&M, Forever 21, Express, and Nordstrom Rack is coming soon! I am very happy that we have this now. This way I don't have to drive all the way to Tysons Corner for a great shopping experience.
If you haven't been already, go this weekend! It's great.

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