Oct 16, 2014

Trend Alert: Jogger Pants

Trend Alert: Jogger Pants

A new trend that has caught my eye this fall/winter season is the jogger pant. These have been trendy for a while but people are beginning to change how they wear and style them. In my opinion jogger pants were for casual and chill outfits but now they can be worn differently! The pictures above give you a little idea of what I am talking about. A lot of ladies are wearing these knit and cotton jogger pants with heels! I know, who knew. I am completely loving the look. If styled correctly, this look can be phenomenal.
I own a few knit jogger pants myself but I normally wear them around the house or to run quick errands. Now, I can use them for more useful outfits ;) You can find these jogger pants just about everywhere. I have seen a lot of different styles at Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, Guess, Express, Gap and H&M. They come in a ton of different designs and styles so if you aren't interested in the ones I am showing in this post, don't worry! They have plenty more you can choose from. I would style a pair of knit jogger pants with a long sleeve crop top and an oversized flannel for a causal chic look. Or I would style them with a silk tank, a nice blazer and booties. You get the best of both worlds with this new trend.
So, go out and get you a pair, ASAP!
P.S. You can click the links below to find a few jogger pant styles. Thanks for reading loves :)

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