Nov 29, 2014

Trend Alert: T Shirt Dress

Trend Alert: T Shirt Dress

Hi everyone! I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving and ate lots of turkey :) I love Thanksgiving and spending time with family and friends. It is always a great time. As I enjoyed my family the past few days, I was unable to post any Lookbooks for you all. But, I haven't posted a Trend Alert in a while and because I have been super busy I figured this would be a great time to do so. This trend alert is dedicated to a trend that has been on the rise for quite some time now, the t-shirt dress. If you are a minimalist you are probably already familiar with this trend. I say that because many people style this trend in a very simple and easy way. I have three different looks to cover the basis of each style category. We have a feminine look, a rugged chic look as well as a more tomboyish look.

Look 1: This look is very feminine and classy. I happen to be a huge fan of this look because it is very simple but still utterly chic! The warm tones of this look will bring a nice glow to your appearance. It is pretty daring because of the cream t-shirt dress but the booties and hat brings the look together and makes it more fall/winter appropriate. 
Look 2: Dare to be different. This look is very unique which is why I love it. If you are very laid back and casual this look will suit you. This dress is designed a bit differently. It resembles a midi length style with little form. The booties and the beanie is a great way to accessorize this look. A great outfit for a casual day out. 
Look 3: This is probably my favorite look out of the three. I love the bowler hat in this look because it makes it very tomboyish and androgynous. The dress is very simple and sleek so the accessories should compliment that. The lace up booties are a perfect touch because they add a bit more flare making the look more interesting. 

Overall, it is fairly easy to style this new trend up or down depending on your personal style and the occasion. If you are hesitant or confused as to how to wear it, just play around with this trend and come up with great looks that match your personality.

I hope you all took away some great tips! xo

Nov 25, 2014

I heart Pleats

Hey guys! Here is a quick Lookbook post for you all. After doing my Holiday Style post I decided to do a Lookbook to follow up with it. I believe that this outfit is prefect for the holiday season. The pleated midi skirt is truly the star of the show. Pleats are always perfect for any holiday style. Now on to all of the exciting details.

This gray pleated skirt is from Forever 21. I absolutely love this midi skirt because it is very unique. The pleats are perfectly designed and the skirt falls beautifully as you can see. I believe that I purchased this skirt for about $30 during the opening of Forever 21 Tysons Corner. If you all have given up on Forever 21, I suggest you check them out now! They have done a complete transformation. My blouse is also from Forever 21. I played around a bit with the pleats in this look. My blouse also has a pleated design near the collar. I found that this combination complimented each piece perfectly. My shoes are by Dolce Vita. I purchased these shoes from Nordstrom Rack and I got them for a great deal. They are very stylish as they have the cut out heels and perforated design. I am wearing plain black tights from Forever 21. These came in a pack of two and of course I just had to get black and burgundy. I hope you all love this look. 

Stay Tuned! xo

Nov 22, 2014

Basic Turtleneck

Hooray! Its the weekend (does happy dance). Today I woke up very refreshed and joyful. You probably can't tell by my choice of colors in this look, but trust me these are my happy colors. I am completely obsessed with dark color combinations. I find that my outfits look very interesting and chic when I use dark color combinations. This look was thrown together in less than 5 minutes as I was rushing to get to work on time. My work attire is very unconventional but I make sure it is still professional. I will never give up my own personal style for "conventional" or "traditional" work attire. So, this look is my idea of business casual. Keep reading for all of the outfit details.

My high-waist trouser pants are from Forever 21 for $25. I really did not like these pants when I first tried them on but they have kind of grew on me. They fit pretty baggy in the pant legs put the high waist make them look more feminine and attractive. My turtle neck is also from Forever 21 for $20. I have never really liked turtle necks but I find that they are very appealing on me with my short hair. And because I rarely wear earrings I find that a higher collar acts as an accessory piece for me. My shoes are from H&M. I know I've worn these rugged in my post but I can't help it. We all have that one piece in our wardrobe that we tend to always lean towards. These booties have become that piece for me! To add a nice touch to this look, I am wearing my gold Pink Accessories watch. I have had this watch for almost 2 years now and it is still in great condition. I am very surprised because I only paid $25 for it! It was indeed a great fashion find for me. Simple, easy and effortless. I hope you all enjoyed this Lookbook and stay tuned for many more.

Happy Saturday! xo

Nov 21, 2014

Day To Night

Hi loves! I have another great Lookbook for you all to ponder. I love the idea of an outfit that is both acceptable for work or daytime fun as well as night time clubbing or hanging out. This look is just that! You can wear this to your work office or to a lounge in DC with the girls. No matter where you are heading this Friday, this look will be perfect for you. It is super easy to style and I am certain you already have these pieces hiding in your closet. So lets get right into all of the details. 

The showstopper in this look is the midi pencil skirt. I found this skirt hiding in one of the racks in Ross and I immediately had to have it. I am obsessed with midi length skirts. I think they are very appropriate for my height and they are very classy. A bonus is that this skirt was only $15. I know some of us are not Ross and TJ Maxx shoppers but sometimes they are worth the visit! My basic tank top is from H&M. Pretty self explanatory--everyone needs a basic black tank. I believe this was only $5.95. My blazer is also from H&M. It is the boyfriend blazer style which I absolutely love. The blazer is very comfortable as it is not form fitting. I love the structure of this blazer the most. It is very professional looking but it can be worn casually with the right pieces.To add more pizzazz I threw on my old vintage cuff that I have had for some years now. My shoes are also by H&M. They are the same ankle booties I raved about a few post ago. They are still holding up and I can't get enough of them. To say the least, this look is very sexy and chic. Perfect for a day like today! If you all love this look as much as I do, comment below! 

Happy Friday xo

Nov 20, 2014

Holiday Style

Great Holiday Style

Hi guys! As we all know, Thanksgiving is right around the corner. It came pretty fast this year! I hope you all are ready for the holiday season because I sure am. I love this time of year! I am always super festive during this season. I love decorating and dressing up and just being in the holiday spirit. This post is completely dedicated to Holiday Style. In my opinion, holiday style is so much fun! You can basically do whatever you want while including the simple characteristics of the holiday spirit. These looks are representative of my personal style and how I coordinate my Holiday Style. 
I wanted to include three looks because we all have different preferences. Some of us are more feminine while others are more tomboyish. I am both, so these looks are perfect for me! 

Style 1: The shift dress is always a great piece to include in your holiday wardrobe. As well as your everyday wardrobe. If you love the idea of dressing up for holiday dinners and outings this look is ideal for you. I paired this look with chunky ankle booties. Obviously, it is getting fairly cold now so booties are your friend when wearing dresses. You can also wear more elegant heels with this look for a more formal outfit. 

Style 2: Now, this look is my absolute favorite. I honestly am not one to get dressed up for holiday dinners but I still want to look presentable. This look is great for those who are very casual and tomboyish. The holiday style is all about sparkles, glimmer and grace. This look still allows you to have all of those aspects of holiday style while also giving that rugged chic look you can't live without. A natural glam make up look will tie it completely together!

Style 3: I call this look the in between. For those who are feminine and tomboyish this style is great for you! A skirt can be both formal and casual. In this case, this skirt adds a more formal look to this outfit. The sweater and booties are what makes this look a little bit more casual. This look almost needs a more sleek boot. Flats or lace up booties will not do this look any justice. A simple and classic black pointy toe bootie is perfect to complete this entire outfit.

I hope you all loved these looks! Stay tuned for my Holiday Style xo

Nov 15, 2014

Old School Lookbook

Hey loves! Sorry I have been missing for a few days. Things have been crazy busy with school and work and a few projects I have been working on. I wanted to share a quick Lookbook outfit of the day with you all. I find this look to be pretty casual but still very professional and chic. I have been loving my dresses and booties this fall. I find that styling these two staple pieces together is super easy and effortless. The best thing about this look is that is was all under $100! Yes, believe it. Now on to all the details. 

Outfit details are as followed. 
Stripe Button Up Shirt from Forever 21 for $15. Black Mock Neck Sleeveless Dress from Forever 21 for $19.95. I love this dress so much! It is absolutely adorable. I consider this a shift dress, meaning it is not fitted nor does it have a distinct shape. My tights are from H&M for $5.95. My shoes are by Dolce Vita. I purchased these on sale at Nordstrom Rack for $25. They were such a great Fashion Find! They have cut out backs at the heel and I love how they look with the black tights. It adds a bit more flare to the look. This look reminds me so much of my childhood. I wore uniforms all through elementary school and this was my basic uniform. A white button up shirt paired with our uniform dress, tights and ballet flats. It is so funny that this look still can be transformed into my wardrobe today. That's it for now! I hope you all enjoyed this look. 

Happy Saturday!

Nov 11, 2014

How to Wear It: Ankle Booties

How to Wear: Ankle Booties

Hey guys! I'm coming to you all with a great styling tip. As we all know, ankle booties are super trendy! Specifically the all black, classic ankle booties. By classic I mean very simple without buckles or much design. You can find many of these ankle booties at Nordstrom, Topshop, H&M and Urban Outfitters. My favorite brand that makes these ankle booties are Acne Studios. They have the best booties and they are very chic and well made. They are a bit more expensive of course. If you are looking for more affordable booties you should try Steve Madden. They have very chic booties as well. You can style these booties in so many different ways! I wanted to touch base on how I would style them. It is important to consider your body type when choosing the right ankle boot for you. 

Style 1: Tee Shirt Dress, Duster Jacket, black Ankle Booties. The key to this look is proportion. Most tee shirt dresses are lose fitting. Pairing this with a more fitted cardigan or jacket will add more flare and funk. You will look very effortless in this casual look. 
Style 2: Leather Pants, V Neck Sweater and black Pointy Toe Booties. With pointy toe booties, it is best to wear a slim pant leg. This is the look that everyone tends to go for! It is very fashion forward and chic. Because the weather is beginning to get a little colder, throw on a nice comfy sweater and you're good to go. 
Style 3: Boyfriend Jeans, Mock Neck Sweater, classic black Ankle Booties. With basic booties, it is ideal to jazz up your look a bit more. The boyfriend jeans add more texture to your look while the mock neck sweater gives it some flare.

I hope these tips are helpful! 

Nov 7, 2014

Casual Friday: Short Shorts

Happy Friday everyone! I love Fridays so much because there is so much to look forward to for the weekend coming. If you all have office jobs, you understand the gist of casual Fridays. You wear suit pants with blouses all week long so it is great to have a casual day in the week. This is my take on a casual Friday in the work office. You still look very professional but more casual while bringing out your own personal style a little bit more. I love this look because it is very versatile meaning you can go to work and then head to get drinks with your girlfriends. Keep reading for all my outfit details!

My shorts are from Forever 21. These cost me about $20 but they were worth every penny. They are very thick and comfortable. I am always skeptical about wearing skirts, dresses and shorts in the work office which is why I am wearing thick tights underneath. I purchased these tights at H&M for $10. They are very thick so they keep me warm and there is no trace of my bare leg. My shirt is from Nordstrom Rack. I am not familiar with this brand but the shirt was only $5. You can't beat that! My blazer is also from H&M. It is the boyfriend style blazer. I am sure they still have these in stores. They are only $20. This blazer is perfect to wear with skirts and dresses because it is longer, so it falls in an appropriate place. Now lets talk about these lovely shoes! I saw these on a mannequin in H&M a few weeks ago and I just had to have them! I have been searching every H&M around town for these and finally I found them at the H&M in Springfield Town Center. I love them! The heel height is perfect for a work day and they can still be worn in my everyday wardrobe. They were $50 but they are absolutely worth it! I hope you all enjoyed this Lookbook.

Have a great weekend! 


Nov 5, 2014

Casual: College Girl Edition

Hi guys! Here is another cute and casual Lookbook for you all. As you may know, I am in my Sophomore year of college. As a college student and a full time employee it is so hard to keep up to date with everything and most of the time I am super lazy! This look is a typical school day outfit for me. I love being casual for the most part because I dress up a bit for work. In my opinion, there is nothing more casual and chic than Converse sneakers and an oversized flannel or denim shirt. You can style these pieces in so many different ways! It is so easy to put together a look like this with pieces already in your closet.

Outfit Details: My pants are from Forever 21. They are kind of like leggings but the material is a denim blend. These pants are super comfortable and I love that they are high waist. I always had a problem with leggings stretching out through out the day. These do not! My tank top is also from Forever 21. This is a basic loose fitting tank top. I am sure you all have at least one tank top like this! My flannel shirt is from Urban Outfitters. This shirt is apart of their Vintage Renewal collection. I got it on sale for $15. A great fashion find indeed. My shoes are obviously Converse sneakers. I purchased these at Rack Room Shoes a long time ago. I usually go to Rack Room for all of my Converse shoes. Unless I take a trip to the outlet store. They have so many different styles and colors. My backpack is from Urban Outfitters as well. I am not sure if they still have these in stock but I love this bag. It can fit my books and even my laptop in it. It hasn't torn yet so I'm still hanging on to it.
I hope you all enjoyed this look.

Try it out for yourself!


Nov 4, 2014

My New Hair Inspiration

Hey guys! I was newly introduced to an amazing natural hair model. Paula Almeida is a Brazilian model who is widely known for her gorgeous natural hair. She has been modeling for quite some time now. I was reading a magazine and stumbled across her photo and fell in love. As I have always battled with my natural hair texture it is always great to see models rocking their natural hair.
I always wanted my hair to be curlier. After high school, I finally realized that I had to love and embrace my hair for what it really was. I have type 3C/4A hair. If you are not familiar with hair typing, this basically means I have a mixture of kinky and curly hair. Paula Almeida has basically the same texture as mines. When I first went natural I had no idea what to do with my hair. I literally just left it alone for the first few months. Once it began to grow out, I started to experiment with twist outs and bantu knots. I enjoyed my hair but I always felt that it was too "different". Now that I am older, I understand my hair more and I am not afraid to rock it!

When I see beautiful models with natural hair it makes me so proud. Proud that we are now very acceptable and proud of being different. Embracing our natural hair takes courage and dignity. Paula Almeida is a great inspiration for those who are doubting their natural hair journey. Don't give up, it is definitely worth it!

Follow her:

Stay Naturally Beautiful!


Nov 2, 2014

Simple Layering

Hi guys! I'm back with another Lookbook post for you all. This look was super easy to style. Everyone is familiar with layering I am sure. If you are not, it is a simple styling tip for the fall and winter. The basics of layering is super easy and simple to follow. You usually can take a button up top or shirt dress and layer a sweater over top of it. You can go the extra mile and throw a nice duster coat or oversized cardigan over top of the sweater. This way you are super warm and super chic when the weather hits below 40 degrees. Now on to my outfit details...

Grey sweater is from Forever 21. Long white button up shirt is from Forever 21 as well. Trouser pants are from H&M. These pants are great for interview and work attire. They are very comfortable and super cute! They are high rise so they come up a little higher on my waist. My shoes are from Topshop. These are the same oxford loafers I can't get enough of. I realized I never actually showed you all these loafers up close so I had to take a quick photograph for you all. They are very simple but I love that they can be worn casually or professionally. You can accomplish this look with what you already have in your closet. These items should be staple items in your wardrobe! 

 I also included an up close picture of my hair and makeup. This makeup look is considered my "everyday makeup look". Side note- I will be doing an in depth post on this look soon with a ton of photographs. My YouTube channel is still in the making so for now I will continue to show you all my beauty and hair post on here! I took out my protective style and co washed my hair using the same old products to achieve this wash and go style. I hope you all enjoyed this post!

Happy Sunday xo
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