Nov 7, 2014

Casual Friday: Short Shorts

Happy Friday everyone! I love Fridays so much because there is so much to look forward to for the weekend coming. If you all have office jobs, you understand the gist of casual Fridays. You wear suit pants with blouses all week long so it is great to have a casual day in the week. This is my take on a casual Friday in the work office. You still look very professional but more casual while bringing out your own personal style a little bit more. I love this look because it is very versatile meaning you can go to work and then head to get drinks with your girlfriends. Keep reading for all my outfit details!

My shorts are from Forever 21. These cost me about $20 but they were worth every penny. They are very thick and comfortable. I am always skeptical about wearing skirts, dresses and shorts in the work office which is why I am wearing thick tights underneath. I purchased these tights at H&M for $10. They are very thick so they keep me warm and there is no trace of my bare leg. My shirt is from Nordstrom Rack. I am not familiar with this brand but the shirt was only $5. You can't beat that! My blazer is also from H&M. It is the boyfriend style blazer. I am sure they still have these in stores. They are only $20. This blazer is perfect to wear with skirts and dresses because it is longer, so it falls in an appropriate place. Now lets talk about these lovely shoes! I saw these on a mannequin in H&M a few weeks ago and I just had to have them! I have been searching every H&M around town for these and finally I found them at the H&M in Springfield Town Center. I love them! The heel height is perfect for a work day and they can still be worn in my everyday wardrobe. They were $50 but they are absolutely worth it! I hope you all enjoyed this Lookbook.

Have a great weekend! 


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