Nov 20, 2014

Holiday Style

Great Holiday Style

Hi guys! As we all know, Thanksgiving is right around the corner. It came pretty fast this year! I hope you all are ready for the holiday season because I sure am. I love this time of year! I am always super festive during this season. I love decorating and dressing up and just being in the holiday spirit. This post is completely dedicated to Holiday Style. In my opinion, holiday style is so much fun! You can basically do whatever you want while including the simple characteristics of the holiday spirit. These looks are representative of my personal style and how I coordinate my Holiday Style. 
I wanted to include three looks because we all have different preferences. Some of us are more feminine while others are more tomboyish. I am both, so these looks are perfect for me! 

Style 1: The shift dress is always a great piece to include in your holiday wardrobe. As well as your everyday wardrobe. If you love the idea of dressing up for holiday dinners and outings this look is ideal for you. I paired this look with chunky ankle booties. Obviously, it is getting fairly cold now so booties are your friend when wearing dresses. You can also wear more elegant heels with this look for a more formal outfit. 

Style 2: Now, this look is my absolute favorite. I honestly am not one to get dressed up for holiday dinners but I still want to look presentable. This look is great for those who are very casual and tomboyish. The holiday style is all about sparkles, glimmer and grace. This look still allows you to have all of those aspects of holiday style while also giving that rugged chic look you can't live without. A natural glam make up look will tie it completely together!

Style 3: I call this look the in between. For those who are feminine and tomboyish this style is great for you! A skirt can be both formal and casual. In this case, this skirt adds a more formal look to this outfit. The sweater and booties are what makes this look a little bit more casual. This look almost needs a more sleek boot. Flats or lace up booties will not do this look any justice. A simple and classic black pointy toe bootie is perfect to complete this entire outfit.

I hope you all loved these looks! Stay tuned for my Holiday Style xo

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