Nov 4, 2014

My New Hair Inspiration

Hey guys! I was newly introduced to an amazing natural hair model. Paula Almeida is a Brazilian model who is widely known for her gorgeous natural hair. She has been modeling for quite some time now. I was reading a magazine and stumbled across her photo and fell in love. As I have always battled with my natural hair texture it is always great to see models rocking their natural hair.
I always wanted my hair to be curlier. After high school, I finally realized that I had to love and embrace my hair for what it really was. I have type 3C/4A hair. If you are not familiar with hair typing, this basically means I have a mixture of kinky and curly hair. Paula Almeida has basically the same texture as mines. When I first went natural I had no idea what to do with my hair. I literally just left it alone for the first few months. Once it began to grow out, I started to experiment with twist outs and bantu knots. I enjoyed my hair but I always felt that it was too "different". Now that I am older, I understand my hair more and I am not afraid to rock it!

When I see beautiful models with natural hair it makes me so proud. Proud that we are now very acceptable and proud of being different. Embracing our natural hair takes courage and dignity. Paula Almeida is a great inspiration for those who are doubting their natural hair journey. Don't give up, it is definitely worth it!

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