Dec 30, 2014

Staying Warm With Topshop

D E T A I L S:
Cardigan- priced at $85 from Topshop
Shoes- priced at $49.95 from H&M
Blouse- priced at $19.95 from H&M
Trousers- priced at $19.95 from H&M
Bar Necklace- priced around $30 from She's Unique
Gold Watch- priced around $50 by Anne Klein (found at Marshall's on sale)
Hat- FREE from PacSun (purchased during a buy one get one free deal)
Handbag- priced around $75 by Cynthia Rowley (found at T.J. Maxx on sale)

I hope you all enjoyed this Lookbook post! Stay tuned,
I have much more in store. XO

Dec 23, 2014

Holiday Giveaway EXTENSION! -CLOSED

Hi everyone! A few weeks ago I posted a "Holiday Giveaway" on Broke City Grl. The feedback was amazing and I was so happy that many of you were excited about the giveaway. With that being said, not many people actually entered the giveaway :( I wanted to give an extension for so that many of you have the chance of being a winner! I have included the link to the original Holiday Giveaway post below. The post includes how to enter and what the giveaway will consist of. Please Please Please take a look and Enter Enter Enter! Click the link below for all the details on this Holiday Giveaway. The extension will end January 1, 2015 at MIDNIGHT. 

Thank you loves for your support! 


Dec 22, 2014

Oldie But Goodie

Hi my loves! I first want to apologize for my delay in getting a post out to you all. I have been super busy with holiday shopping and work and life in general. But I am here with an old Lookbook from a few weeks ago. I also wanted to let you guys know that I have EXTENDED the Holiday Giveaway! I will do a detailed post on this soon. But this Lookbook is fairly simple and casual. I am sure you all can achieve this look very easily with items already in your closets. Keep reading for all the details!

So in my opinion, everyone needs a great grey sweater for the winter. This is my ideal grey sweater. I love that it falls near my waist. It is very feminine although it is a little bulky. I purchased this sweater from Necessary Clothing. I got it during a great sale so it was only about $15. My denim jeans are by Joe's Jeans. These are my all time favorite skinny jeans because they fit me perfectly. I love skin tight jeans because of my figure. They just look right on me. I am also a huge fan of boyfriend jeans. All of my best/favorite jeans are by Joe's. They have great quality jeans for very affordable prices so if you are looking for a new favorite pair of jeans check them out! I can usually find them on sale at Nordstrom Rack and sometimes Marshalls and T.J. Maxx if I am lucky. My shoes are from Forever 21. I love these lace up booties for casual looks. They are super chic and comfortable. I can wear them with a ton of different pieces. They have become another favorite in my black bootie collection. My watch was a birthday gift from my mother. It is an Anne Klein watch that is very delicate and simple. I love the blue face because it is very unique and different. That is it for this very simple very causal Lookbook post. I hope you all enjoyed it! 

Stay tuned for the update on my Holiday Giveaway (extension)! 

Dec 17, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide

Hey loves! It is that time of the year again. When laughter is constantly filling each room, and holiday festivities are in full effect. This season is one for giving indeed but it is also great to receive. I wanted to do a nice little post on great Holiday Gifts. This is ideal for boyfriends, husbands and friends alike. Much of what is in this post is relatively affordable and not to mention all of the great prices and specials going on. So for this gift guide I wanted to include all of the bases for great gifts. I included a few beauty products, miscellaneous gifts, jewelry items as well as accessories. Consider this your idea board. So lets get started!

What makes a gift perfect:
The perfect gift is one that comes from the heart. It may be meaningful to the gift receiver or both the gift receiver and giver. I love gifts that have meaning because it shows that the gift giver really knows and understands you. This is ideal for boyfriends and husbands, so take notes. A perfect gift is very personable. For instance, a perfect gift for a writer or good observer would be a diary or journal. Home decor can also be meaningful if someone has just bought their first home or is looking to move away. Jewelry can make for a perfect gift but it can be tricky. I would say only go for the jewelry if you know for sure she will love it! If she has been raving over a piece of jewelry like a watch or bracelet then that's a clear indication that she wants it for Christmas. Accessories are also great gifts for us fashionable ladies. Handbags, hats and shoes are perfect. It is very important to know her style if you plan on going this route. Buy something that she will wear! Easy gifts such as a cute phone case, sunglasses or gloves are also doable. They are easy to find and they can still be very unique and thoughtful. To say the less, when choosing a gift for HER think and choose wisely. I hope this is helpful in finding the perfect gift this holiday season.

Share your perfect gift ideas below! 


Dec 13, 2014

The Morning After

Hi loves! I wanted to share this Lookbook with you all as a great "morning after" look. Yesterday was my birthday!! I partied all night and had a blast while in great company. After all of the partying, laughing and celebrating I was super exhausted. But prior to my birthday I planned a road trip to Richmond for this Saturday. So I knew I needed to get my life together so that I could still wake up a little early to get on the road. This is my ideal "morning after" look. If you have a wild night before an important day, this is a great way to look presentable and AWAKE. Keep reading for all the details.

My trousers are from Urban Outfitters. I purchased these a while back on sale. I believe they were only $20 and totally worth the purchase. My navy knit sweater is from Necessary Clothing however, the brand is Lush. I purchased this sweater for $20 as well and I absolutely love it. I love the low v neckline. It adds a little more detail and the cut out sides add more flare to the sweater. My shoes are by H&M of course. My accessories are very simple. I am wearing my gold bar necklace from She's Unique. This piece is such a great piece to have. It is very delicate and simple. I am also wearing my new Anne Klein watch! This was a birthday gift from my mother and I shed tears when I received it because it is so ME! Everything about it is perfect. This look is super easy to accomplish and very chic. 

A few tips on how to hydrate your skin and look flawless after a long night.
1. Cleanse your skin with a hydrating cleanser and rinse with cool water. The cool water will open your pores and seal in moisture.

2. Drink water. Of course this is very important after a night of partying. Drinking water will nourish your body.

3. If you don't feel like wearing a full face of makeup...concealer, blush, mascara and finishing powder is your friend. This makeup routine will allow your skin to glow without the full foundation base. 
I hope this is helpful :)


Dec 10, 2014

4 ways to style Box Braids

Style 1: Side Ponytail
Easy to do. You just need a hair tie! Start by pulling all of the braids to the front of your head. Then move the braids to whichever side you prefer. Once the hair is tied, grab 3 to 4 braids and wrap them around the hair tie to hide it.

Style 2: Left Eye
This is my favorite style. No styling tools are needed. Just simple sweep most or all of the braids to on side of your head for a very chic look.

Style 3: Side Swept Ponytail
To accomplish this look you will need just one hair tie. You use the same technique for the side ponytail but leave some braids out in the front of your head. Take the braids that are left out of the ponytail and sweep them to the side of your head (whichever side you prefer). After you have a nice swoop in the front, wrap the ends around the hair tie in the back. 

Style 4: Top Knot
This is the most effortless look and everyone loves a good top knot. There are many different ways to do a top knot with box braids.  For this style I simply put all of my braids into a ponytail. I split the ponytail in 2 sections and began wrapping one side around the hair tie. Take the other side and do the same.You can play around with how you wrap the braids around the hair tie to accomplish your desired look.

Update on my hair:
I also wanted to include a super quick update on how I have been maintaining my hair. I have had my braids in for 2 weeks so far and they have been holding up pretty well. My hair is very silky and soft so I already have a lot of fuzzes and hair coming out of my braids. I have been oiling my braids and my scalp daily with African Royale Hot Six Oil to ensure that my natural hair is moisturized. I plan to use an ACV rinse for build up this week. I am not sure how much longer these will last but I am hoping at least a month! But we will see :)

Dec 7, 2014

Holiday Giveaway! -CLOSED

Holiday Giveaway!

Hi guys!  I wanted to do something special for all of my viewers and supporters. I have decided to do a Holiday Giveaway! I am super excited to do this for you guys. This is my way of saying THANK YOU for being so supportive and loving. I have always believed that the holiday season was for giving not receiving. This blog was not made for fame or fortune but for making a difference; but it would not be at all possible without you guys. I am so in awe each day at the feedback I receive from complete strangers. I love you guys so much! Keep reading for all the details for this giveaway and how to enter.

 For this giveaway, there will be 2 winners! They will be picked at random.
Details: I am giving away 2 different shoes from Missguided. This giveaway is not sponsored by Missguided; I purchased these shoes with my own money. :) The first shoe is the Emily Patent Tassel Loafer in size 7 UK. It fits more so on the size 8 for US sizes. The second shoe is the Camilla Pointed Lace Up Brogues in Snake Print. Again this is a size 7 in UK but fits a size 8 in US sizes.  I have included links to the shoes for better visuals. These will make for a great holiday present for yourself, a family member or friend! 

To enter this giveaway you must do 2 simple steps. 

1. Comment the word "GIVEAWAY" on your favorite post on Broke City Grl. Please be sure to include your Instagram name in the comment. 
2. Follow me on Instagram and like your favorite post. 

If you do not have an Instagram and would still like to participate in this giveaway just simple include your first and last name in the comment. 

Easy enough right! Once you have done these 2 easy steps you will be entered into this Holiday Giveaway.The winners will be announced on Saturday December 20, 2014. Stay tuned for more updates.

Happy Holidays! xo


Dec 4, 2014

Cool & Casual

Hey hey hey! I am back after being away for too long from you guys. Here is a quick little Lookbook. I wanted to update you guys on my hair as well. If you follow me on Instagram you most likely saw my picture from Thanksgiving with my new hairstyle. I recently decided to get box braids as I have been wanting them for a very long time. I absolutely love them! I wanted to have a protective style for a few months just because my hair started to give me a hard time. So far, I am loving this new look and I am embracing my inner Solange Knowles :) Anyway, keep reading for my outfit details.

This look is pretty basic as I am wearing pieces that I have already worn in previous looks. However, I feel that this look is very cool and effortless. My trousers are from H&M. They are one of my favorite black trouser pants because they fit me perfectly. I can wear them high waist and baggy. My blouse is from Nordstrom Rack. This blouse literally cost me nothing and I feel that everyone needs a cute polka dot blouse.  My blazer is also from H&M. This is the boyfriend blazer I mentioned a while back that I absolutely love. It is the perfect piece to make any look super cool. My ankle booties are also from H&M. Black ankle booties are always perfect for a look like this one. I accessorized this look with my Pink Accessories watch and She's Unique rose gold pendant necklace. That's it you guys...very simple, pretty casual, and super cool. I hope you all enjoyed this look. I promise to have more for you all soon.

With love xo
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