Dec 10, 2014

4 ways to style Box Braids

Style 1: Side Ponytail
Easy to do. You just need a hair tie! Start by pulling all of the braids to the front of your head. Then move the braids to whichever side you prefer. Once the hair is tied, grab 3 to 4 braids and wrap them around the hair tie to hide it.

Style 2: Left Eye
This is my favorite style. No styling tools are needed. Just simple sweep most or all of the braids to on side of your head for a very chic look.

Style 3: Side Swept Ponytail
To accomplish this look you will need just one hair tie. You use the same technique for the side ponytail but leave some braids out in the front of your head. Take the braids that are left out of the ponytail and sweep them to the side of your head (whichever side you prefer). After you have a nice swoop in the front, wrap the ends around the hair tie in the back. 

Style 4: Top Knot
This is the most effortless look and everyone loves a good top knot. There are many different ways to do a top knot with box braids.  For this style I simply put all of my braids into a ponytail. I split the ponytail in 2 sections and began wrapping one side around the hair tie. Take the other side and do the same.You can play around with how you wrap the braids around the hair tie to accomplish your desired look.

Update on my hair:
I also wanted to include a super quick update on how I have been maintaining my hair. I have had my braids in for 2 weeks so far and they have been holding up pretty well. My hair is very silky and soft so I already have a lot of fuzzes and hair coming out of my braids. I have been oiling my braids and my scalp daily with African Royale Hot Six Oil to ensure that my natural hair is moisturized. I plan to use an ACV rinse for build up this week. I am not sure how much longer these will last but I am hoping at least a month! But we will see :)

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