Dec 17, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide

Hey loves! It is that time of the year again. When laughter is constantly filling each room, and holiday festivities are in full effect. This season is one for giving indeed but it is also great to receive. I wanted to do a nice little post on great Holiday Gifts. This is ideal for boyfriends, husbands and friends alike. Much of what is in this post is relatively affordable and not to mention all of the great prices and specials going on. So for this gift guide I wanted to include all of the bases for great gifts. I included a few beauty products, miscellaneous gifts, jewelry items as well as accessories. Consider this your idea board. So lets get started!

What makes a gift perfect:
The perfect gift is one that comes from the heart. It may be meaningful to the gift receiver or both the gift receiver and giver. I love gifts that have meaning because it shows that the gift giver really knows and understands you. This is ideal for boyfriends and husbands, so take notes. A perfect gift is very personable. For instance, a perfect gift for a writer or good observer would be a diary or journal. Home decor can also be meaningful if someone has just bought their first home or is looking to move away. Jewelry can make for a perfect gift but it can be tricky. I would say only go for the jewelry if you know for sure she will love it! If she has been raving over a piece of jewelry like a watch or bracelet then that's a clear indication that she wants it for Christmas. Accessories are also great gifts for us fashionable ladies. Handbags, hats and shoes are perfect. It is very important to know her style if you plan on going this route. Buy something that she will wear! Easy gifts such as a cute phone case, sunglasses or gloves are also doable. They are easy to find and they can still be very unique and thoughtful. To say the less, when choosing a gift for HER think and choose wisely. I hope this is helpful in finding the perfect gift this holiday season.

Share your perfect gift ideas below! 


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