Jan 17, 2015

A Letter From Me To You

Hello loves,

I know I have been away from Broke City Grl for the past week or so but I needed time to my self. With that being said, I felt the need to do this letter to you all just explaining what has been going on in my personal life and where I plan to take this blog in the future. Before I get started, I would first like to thank you all for your endless support and LOVE. I have truly been overwhelmed by how much feedback I have been getting from you guys. It is truly amazing and that is what keeps me motivated day in and day out. First, I want to share the back story to Broke City Grl. I realized that I have not shared why I truly created this blog and what actually made me want to start blogging. Throughout middle and high school I was very interested in fashion, it was seriously all I thought about. I was super excited when I found out that my high school offered Fashion Marketing elective courses. So of course I just had to sign up. Although, my desire for fashion was so deep I had no idea what career I would pursue in fashion. That was until one day we had a guest speaker in our class. Her name was Kathryn Martin. She inspired me so much. She is a personal stylist and shopper in this area. I had no idea that there was a fashion career that consisted of what I do everyday for myself. During my senior year, we were able to do an internship and I hunted Kathryn Martin down. I was in disbelief when she said I could intern with her. The internship would go for about 5-6 weeks. We had tons of fun and we grew a close relationship since then. She has helped me tremendously through out the years as a great mentor. I was able to accomplish so many things and meet so many different people while working with her. Some of which I built relationships with as well (such as the owner and manager at The Shoe Hive). After my internship, I realized that becoming a stylist or personal shopper would definitely be something I could pursue in fashion. I knew that it would be hard work, as it is revolved around networking. The saying "It's not what you know, it's who you know" is very true to a certain extent. So with the help of my family, they pushed me to start this blog. I created it my junior year in high school. I had a lot to learn of course and I am still learning but blogging has become apart of me. Broke City Grl is my escape in many ways. It is where I can express myself without judgment.

Now to spill the beans about my personal life. As you all may know, I am currently a full time student at NOVA pursuing my Associate's Degree in Business Administration. Next fall I plan to transfer back to Virginia Commonwealth University or transfer to Marymount University to finish my Bachelor's Degree in Fashion Merchandising.  If you all have any comments on either school please put them below. I would love to hear them all. A while back I was accepted into my dream college in Los Angeles California, FIDM. Due to financial and personal reasons, I was unable to go. I was very sad but I knew that it wasn't meant to be. As of right now I have A LOT on my mind. I work full time as well and my job is currently undergoing drastic changes. Basically, I don't know what school I want to attend or where/if I will be working in the near future. I'm pretty stressed out. Anyway, I am telling you all of this so you can understand why my blog is not in tip top shape. My photographs are not professionally taken and I cannot always be consistent with my post. It truly makes me feel disappointed in my self because I want to put out great content for you all. So that was one of my resolutions for the new year. In the near future, once everything settles down and I am in better spirits, I will be seeking a local free-lance photographer to assist me with my blog (if you are interested please email me). I will also be starting my YouTube Channel. I have been told several times that I need to start a channel so I am finally going to listen and start one this spring. You all will get more information on that as it is in the works. I also wanted to update you all on the America's Next Top Model contest. Unfortunately, I was not selected to move on to the next level and be apart of cycle 22. BUT that will not stop me from pursuing a modeling career. God always has a plan for us and when my time comes he will let me know. I thank you all for taking the time and reading this letter. Please continue to support me throughout my journey and if you all are beginner bloggers link your blog below in the comment section! I would love to check them out.

Yours Truly,

Change is coming.

Jan 11, 2015

Last Day To VOTE -Phase I

Happy Sunday loves! I wanted to share something with you all once more with hopes that you all will continue to support me. If you have been keeping up with my blog the past few days, you may already know that I auditioned for America's Next Top Model Cycle 22. They held an open casting call on January 3, 2015 at Pentagon City Mall. I have always thought about modeling growing up but I never thought I had it in me. Not to mention I was ashamed about a few of my flaws. I completely ignored my desire to model until recently. I finally began to start my modeling career. I first started out with free lance modeling. I modeled for local street style blogs and a local jewelry designer in 2014. Thanks to my family and my friends, I mustered up the confidence to audition for D.C. Fashion Week. Low and behold, I made the modeling team! I was super excited and ready to take on the runway. After D.C. Fashion Week came to an end, it was time for something even bigger. Thus, ANTM was my next calling. Many other people have dreamt about being America's Next Top Model as well. So the competition is heavy and my chances are slim. But I am determined to push my hardest and stay motivated. If it is meant to be it will be. But with your help my dream may become a reality. 
DCW50 is offering one ANTM contestant the chance of winning $1000 and a chance to be on a 10 second promotional ad that will air during the premiere of America's Next Top Model Cycle 22.  I appreciate all of you that have already voted! Please continue to support me throughout my journey to greatness. I ask that you all click the link ("vote here") below and vote for MODEL 355.

Jan 10, 2015

2014 Favorites!

 Hi guys! I know I am super late with this blog post but I have been wanting to rave about these products for quite some time. These products have been my holy grail for 2014. They consist of beauty, skin care and hair care. I love sharing my favorite products with you all because you guys constantly ask about my skin and hair. So lets get right to it!

I have finally found my saving grace! Thanks to some research and my VA Dermatologist I have finally found a skin care regimen that works for me. My skin is always giving me problems but since using these new products for the year of 2014  my skin has cleared up. My skin care regimen is very simple. I use the jojoba oil from Trader Joe's as a makeup remover. I know it may sound weird but it truly works! I use the Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser twice a day to cleanse my skin. The vitamin E oil is used as my moisturizer. This leaves my skin super soft and glowing. I included a photo of my skin freshly washed and moisturized this morning without makeup for you guys :)

Now for the fun. I have been loving these beauty products so much! I am not one to wear makeup everyday but when I do it is VERY minimal. These products include the NYX Shine Killer primer, Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow PomadeBenefit Cosmetics Gimme BrowBare Minerals Well-Rested concealer powder, and Maybelline Fit Me foundation stick. All of these products have been used in the above photo. I also used my favorite foundation- Bare Minerals Pure Brightening Serum Foundation. These products give me a natural glow that I absolutely love. If you are looking to try out a natural make up look, I would definitely recommend all of these items. 

Lastly is my new hair care regimen. It really isn't a new regimen but I have added a few new products to my old regimen. The Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque has been a great product for my weekly deep conditions. I mix this masque with my African Royale Hot Six Oil and section my hair. I leave the deep condition in my hair for about an hour under a shower cap. The Carol's Daughter Black Vanilla Leave-In-Conditioner is my favorite product to revive any old hair style. I literally just spray my hair with this and shake or scrunch my curls and go. It is super easy and it smells amazing! I also have been loving the Hairfinity hair vitamin pills. I have been using them for quite some time but I need to seriously rave about them! I am sure you all have noticed the tremendous growth of my hair the past few months. Most of my growth is due to the hair vitamins, consistency with my hair regimen and drinking lots of water. I encourage you all to try them out if you are looking for fast healthy hair growth. 

Well, that includes all of my 2014 favorites. I will be using all of these products in 2015 as well but if anything changes in my regimens I will be sure to share them with you! I have included links to all of the products mentioned if you all are interested. 
Talk to you soon!

Jan 8, 2015

Chic Layering

D E T A I L S:
Sweater- Purchased from Necessary Clothing for $15.
Tank Dress- Purchased from Urban Outfitters on sale for $10.
Trousers- Purchased from H&M for $19.95.
Booties- Purchased from H&M for $49.95.
Watch- Purchased from T.J. Maxx as a birthday gift. Brand is Anne Klein. 

I absolutely adore this lookbook because of its unique style. I have always loved the concept of winter layering but I could never truly perfect it. I believe I have finally got the gist of layering in this look. However, I have not yet fully conquered the trend. The white long tank dress is an essential piece in this layered look. I love the proportions of the long dress and cropped sweater because it adds a lot of interesting aspects to the outfit. Comment below with your thoughts on winter layering! 

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Jan 6, 2015

Take Two

D E T A I L S:
Dress (another LBD)- Purchased from Forever 21 for $19.95.
Cropped Sweater- Purchased from Urban Outfitters on sale for $10.
Tights- Purchased from Forever 21 for $7.95.
Boots- Purchased from Forever 21 for $29.95.
Watch- By Anne Klein, purchased from T.J. Maxx for a great price.
Those are all the details for this super chic look. I consider this a "take two" as I have already put another lookbook on Broke City Grl wearing this little black dress. It is very similar but the differences are solely in the ankle booties. The lace up booties add a more chic and rugged style to the look. I find it very similar to the style of Velma from Scooby Doo! I really enjoyed this lookbook post because of the "take two" concept. If you enjoyed it as well, comment below for more post like this one!
Much love!
p.s. voting is still a must! click the link below to vote me your favorite ANTM contestant. model 355


Super Flirty

D E T A I L S:

Sweater- Purchased from Forever 21 for $19.95
LBD (little black dress)- Purchased from Forever 21 for $19.95
Tights- Purchased from H&M for $12.95 (they are super thick which is ideal for cold weather)
Booties- Purchased from H&M for about $50
Gold Watch- By Anne Klein, purchased from T.J. Maxx as a birthday gift (thanks mommy)
Super flirty look for an affordable price. I absolutely love this look. I played around with proportions a bit. I initially thought of pairing the dress with a cropped sweater but I figured a regular crew neck sweater would be more interesting!
p.s. Please don't forget to VOTE for me to win a monetary reward as well as getting noticed by the ANTM crew! Help support me in following my dreams.

Jan 4, 2015


Hey loves! If you all follow me on Instagram, you may already know that I auditioned for America's Next Top Model! The auditions were held on Saturday January 3 at Pentagon City Mall. I had an amazing time and the experience was one to truly remember. We stood in line for almost 6 hours and the audition was only about a minute long. But I am so glad I decided to go to the audition. With that being said, I have included a video of my audition for you all to take a peek. The quality isn't great (sorry). I also included a selfie I took before heading on the runway--natural hair and natural face. :) I am finally following my dreams of becoming a model and taking my modeling career to the next level. But I need your help! I am currently waiting for the producers at the CW to make their decisions. They will pick only 3 models to move on to the next level. They are also offering a monetary reward for models who receive the MOST votes! So I need everyone to go to the link below and vote for my photo. You can vote as many times as you would like. I thank you all for your ongoing support. Spread the word!

With love,

Contestant # 355

Holiday Giveaway WINNERS!

Hi guys! The time has come. The Holiday Giveaway has ended and it is now time to announce the two winners. I was pretty sad that not a lot of people entered this giveaway but I will consider this a trial run. I hope to do many more giveaways for my supporters in the future. To recap this giveaway... each winner will receive ONE of the TWO pairs of shoes pictured above. They are both from Missguided-- this giveaway is not sponsored. I purchased these items with my own money in order to show my appreciation to my audience/supporters of Broke City Grl. The shoes are both size 7 in UK sizes which corresponds to a size 8/8.5 in US sizes. Well lets get right to it loves! The two winners are....
Stephanie Kalamba and Tiara Smith! Thank you ladies for your support and a big CONGRATS on being my two winners for my first ever Holiday Giveaway. I hope you two enjoyed your holiday and I wish you the very best in the new year!


ps. winners please contact me via my email address, we will discuss everything you need to know!
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