Jan 4, 2015


Hey loves! If you all follow me on Instagram, you may already know that I auditioned for America's Next Top Model! The auditions were held on Saturday January 3 at Pentagon City Mall. I had an amazing time and the experience was one to truly remember. We stood in line for almost 6 hours and the audition was only about a minute long. But I am so glad I decided to go to the audition. With that being said, I have included a video of my audition for you all to take a peek. The quality isn't great (sorry). I also included a selfie I took before heading on the runway--natural hair and natural face. :) I am finally following my dreams of becoming a model and taking my modeling career to the next level. But I need your help! I am currently waiting for the producers at the CW to make their decisions. They will pick only 3 models to move on to the next level. They are also offering a monetary reward for models who receive the MOST votes! So I need everyone to go to the link below and vote for my photo. You can vote as many times as you would like. I thank you all for your ongoing support. Spread the word!

With love,

Contestant # 355

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