Jan 11, 2015

Last Day To VOTE -Phase I

Happy Sunday loves! I wanted to share something with you all once more with hopes that you all will continue to support me. If you have been keeping up with my blog the past few days, you may already know that I auditioned for America's Next Top Model Cycle 22. They held an open casting call on January 3, 2015 at Pentagon City Mall. I have always thought about modeling growing up but I never thought I had it in me. Not to mention I was ashamed about a few of my flaws. I completely ignored my desire to model until recently. I finally began to start my modeling career. I first started out with free lance modeling. I modeled for local street style blogs and a local jewelry designer in 2014. Thanks to my family and my friends, I mustered up the confidence to audition for D.C. Fashion Week. Low and behold, I made the modeling team! I was super excited and ready to take on the runway. After D.C. Fashion Week came to an end, it was time for something even bigger. Thus, ANTM was my next calling. Many other people have dreamt about being America's Next Top Model as well. So the competition is heavy and my chances are slim. But I am determined to push my hardest and stay motivated. If it is meant to be it will be. But with your help my dream may become a reality. 
DCW50 is offering one ANTM contestant the chance of winning $1000 and a chance to be on a 10 second promotional ad that will air during the premiere of America's Next Top Model Cycle 22.  I appreciate all of you that have already voted! Please continue to support me throughout my journey to greatness. I ask that you all click the link ("vote here") below and vote for MODEL 355.


  1. I love your drive and passion so much! So inspiring!
    Halie, 19 ,Maryland

    1. Hi Halie!

      Thank you so much for your kind words. I am glad I can inspire my peers. You can do whatever you want in life, you just have to do it. (easier said than done)


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