Feb 28, 2015


Hi loves. Today I am getting a bit intimate and personal with you all. I was inspired by the Love Your Lines campaign created by 2 lovely queens, Alex Elle and Erika Layne. If you are unfamiliar with this worldwide campaign I would suggest you follow them on Tumblr and Instagram. They have truly touched my heart and inspired me. They are embracing every part of the female body. All of the flaws and all of the imperfections. I decided to make this post to embrace my skin. In no way is this post to flaunt off my body. I am doing this to share what I try so hard to hide everyday.

Since the start of middle school my skin began to change. I first noticed my lines on my knees. I thought they were so ugly. I never wore shorts or skirts in the summer and spring. And when I did, I was constantly made fun of. People called me hurtful names like "pregnant knees" and "alligator legs". I would always stare in the mirror and pretend like they weren't there and wish that one day they would somehow just disappear. It wasn't until my senior year in high school when I finally began to embrace my lines. I remember going to church one day and the Pastor said something that really spoke to me. He said, "God makes us all different for a reason, if we were all the same there would be no fun in living." Since that day, I decided that my lines were not flaws, but a distinctive and unique part of me. I am still very mindful of them and I am not yet completely comfortable with my body but I am learning to love the skin I am in. 

To be clear, I have always been tall and lean. My doctors have told me that these lines formed due to a drastic growth spurt. Today I weigh 111lbs and I am 5'7.5. I hope this post touches someone out there who may be going through something with their body or having trouble with self love. Know that you are not alone.

Love yours! 


Feb 26, 2015

Makeup Collection: Starter Kit

Happy snow day! I woke up very excited today because I knew I wanted to do this post for you guys. I am not much of a makeup person as you all can probably tell in my photographs but I do have a pretty nice collection. I consider this a "starter kit" because everything in my collection is very simple and basic. Now, don't be deterred from all of the MAC Cosmetics items. Most of the items were purchased as gifts and a lot of these products you can find with other brands at Ulta or Sephora. I have an entire array of items in my collection. I have eyeshadows, primers, foundations, matte powders, bronzers, highlighters, mascara and a bit of other things. I feel that these are the basic items you need to start a makeup collection or makeup starter kit. The key is to find products that work well with your skin and that will achieve whatever it is you are trying to accomplish. For instance, my main task or goal when doing my makeup is to get flawless skin. I know that this can not only be achieved through makeup so I take very good care of my skin in general. But a little makeup doesn't hurt every now and again. I use very little makeup everyday but that might just be because I'm not that amazing at it (haha). Anyway, lets get into a bit more of the details.
Here are a few of my favorites out of my collection.
D E T A I L S:
Morphe Brushes: 35W-35 Color Warm Palette

D E T A I L S:
MAC Cosmetics: Soft and Gentle Mineralize Skinfinish (highlighter)
D E T A I L S: 
(unless stated otherwise these items are by MAC Cosmetics)
Photo 1- Red Enriched Cremestick liner, Lustre Ladybug lipstick, Matte So Chaud lipstick
Photo 2- Amplified Up The Amp lipstick, Plum lip pencil, Satin Rebel lipstick
Photo 3- Cremesheen Ravishing lipstick, NYX London Soft Matte lip cream, Whirl lip pencil
As stated before, please do not be deterred by all of the MAC Cosmetics items. I know they can be a bit expensive but there are a ton of dupes out there that will work just the same. I hope you all enjoyed this beauty post. Comment below with any product suggestions. I am always up to trying new things.
Stay cozy!

Feb 23, 2015

Memory Lane

Hey beauties! I am super excited to do this post for you all. I felt the need to take a trip down memory lane today. Just to remind myself what all I have accomplished and how hard I worked to get to where I am. These photos are some of the first looks I put together for my blog. This was basically, the beginning of it all! For those who have not followed my blog for that long, it was once titled Patientstyling. I soon changed the name and revamped my blog completely. I felt that the title was not at all fitting after I began to get into the gist of blogging. Thus, I changed the name to Broke City Grl. I felt that this name was definitely what I wanted to portray through my blog. These photos are mainly from my junior and senior year in high-school. Most of my looks back then where typical school day outfits. They were very casual and feminine. My style has changed tremendously since then but I thought it would be awesome to share these with you all. 

I feel that all of our styles change as we mature and grow. Things we may have loved back then are now looked over. For instance, I was really into flats and ballet shoes but now I do not even look at them when I go shopping. I was also very into leggings and H&M slim fit pants. The pants that were $12.95 and $14.95. Yes, I adored them but now I can't stand them. I'm guessing that is mainly because they don't fit me right like they once did. 

I also wanted to point out my hair! I have always been one to constantly change my hair. In all of these photos my hair was still natural but I manipulated it way more back then. I often times flat ironed it but my go to style was Bantu-knot outs. I was still learning at that time about natural hair so it was trial and error every day. Enough of my chatting. I hope this post somehow inspires you all. If anything, take from this that change is good. 

Love ya!

Feb 19, 2015

Trend Alert: Gaucho Pants

Trend Alert: Gaucho Pants

It is Trend Alert time! I know it has been a long time coming. I have been really inspired the past few days because of New York Fashion Week. One day, I'll be able to go (a true goal of mines), but for now I am happy to look at the shows and street style fashion behind my computer screen. This new trend alert has been on the rise for the past few months. At first I wasn't digging the trend at all but after seeing a few street fashion and street style photographs I became intrigued and interested by it. I decided to do 2 looks with the gaucho pants. I feel that this trend can only be worn in 2 distinct ways. Of course you can accessorize and change it up a bit but the basics still remain, in my opinion. 

Look 1:  This look is absolutely for the flirty girl. These high to mid rise gaucho pants are the statement piece in this look. They are bold (in color and style) which is perfect for a date night or event around town. I decided to go with a long sleeve cropped sweater because it is a great transition piece into spring. The hat is a great accessory for this look because it is bold and definitely a statement piece. Thus allowing the cropped sweater to be a little less dull and boring. The shoes are absolutely perfect. I know it is still cold outside but I am already dreaming of spring. These high wedges will add more height to the look as the gaucho pants tend to cut off the legs. 

Look 2: If you are more chic and trendy, this look is for you. I for one am dying to wear this look myself. I adore the colors and I believe that styling neutrals together is always a plus. These gaucho pants are a little more subtle than in the first look. With that being said, we add a little more flare with the burgundy fringe cape. Side note- the cape has been another great trend this fall/winter that I love! The sleeveless sweater brings a more sophisticated vibe to the outfit which compliments the subtle pants. The shoes are bold in this look so they are definitely the statement piece. The colors of the shoes compliments the sweater and tones of the cape thus bringing the entire outfit together. 

So encase you missed it, the two basic things to know when styling the gaucho pant is to keep it either subtle with jazzy accessories or bold with clean and flirty pieces. Easy right? Own the look with your choice of accessories and you are good to go! Try out this new Trend Alert with me and be sure to tag #brokecitygrl

Love ya! 

Feb 17, 2015

Fifty Shades of Grey

Photos by Maya

Hey my loves! It has been a long time coming and I appreciate your patience. But the wait is now over. I have a new Lookbook to share with you all! Thanks to my amazing new photographer, Maya, I have completely revamped my post for you all. I am now happy to bring more detailed, professional looking, well edited photographs to Broke City Grl. Keep reading for all the details on this super casual look.

Cardigan Sweater- Topshop for $80
Denim Pants- Forever 21 for $20 (one of my favorites)
Ankle Booties- H&M for $49.95 (another favorite)
Basic Black Tanktop- H&M for $4.95
Handbag- Cynthia Rowley found at T.J. Maxx for about $50
Scarf- Forever 21 for about $10
Sunglasses- H&M for $12.95
Charm Bracelets- Vintage found at a Flea Market ages ago (can't remember the price, sorry)
Watch- Anne Klein found at Marshalls I believe (a great fashion find!)

I hope you all enjoyed this casual and subtle look. I find it super easy to style shades of grey and neutrals during this time of year. The key is to mix it up a bit so that the look is not dull or boring. I did this by adding the cream scarf and jazzing up my accessories a bit. Stay tuned for more great Lookbook, beauty and hair post!

Feb 8, 2015

Catching Up + Photo Shoot

Hi Loves! I first want to thank you all for your patience with me. I have been crazy busy and I am so sorry for completely neglecting you all. But I will say, I have so much great things in store for Broke City Grl. I am happy to announce that I finally found a free-lance photographer to assist me with my blog. I will be doing a post on her pretty soon so you all can meet her! I can assure you guys that big things are soon to come. 
On another note, I wanted to share this amazing photo shoot with you all. I was delighted to collaborate with a few local artist for this beautiful Audrey Hepburn inspired photo shoot. I had always loved styling photo shoots as it is definitely something I am highly interested in. So when this opportunity came along, I absolutely could not give it up. 

S T Y L I N G  D E T A I L S:
White Blouse- Forever 21 for $19.99
Flowered Headpiece- Created by Anthony Wright 
Feathered Hat- Nordstrom Rack (not sure of the brand) for $30
Black Dress- Forever 21 for $25
Grey and White Shift Dress- T.J. Maxx for $35
Pearls- Thrifted for $7
Burgundy Hat- Thrifted for $14
Waist Blazer- Thrifted for $15

This shoot was indeed very inspirational for me and I am so thankful for the opportunity and the creative team behind it. The photographer is Anthony Wright. He is a local photographer in the DMV area. You must check out his work! The make-up artist is also local. Her name is Crystal Rhone, she is a free-lance,self-taught makeup artist. The beautiful model is Roshelle. She has been modeling for a few years now. She is also free-lance artist based in this area. I will include the links to their personal Instagram and websites below. Be sure to check out their work. 

Thank you for your ongoing support,

Love ya! 

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