Feb 23, 2015

Memory Lane

Hey beauties! I am super excited to do this post for you all. I felt the need to take a trip down memory lane today. Just to remind myself what all I have accomplished and how hard I worked to get to where I am. These photos are some of the first looks I put together for my blog. This was basically, the beginning of it all! For those who have not followed my blog for that long, it was once titled Patientstyling. I soon changed the name and revamped my blog completely. I felt that the title was not at all fitting after I began to get into the gist of blogging. Thus, I changed the name to Broke City Grl. I felt that this name was definitely what I wanted to portray through my blog. These photos are mainly from my junior and senior year in high-school. Most of my looks back then where typical school day outfits. They were very casual and feminine. My style has changed tremendously since then but I thought it would be awesome to share these with you all. 

I feel that all of our styles change as we mature and grow. Things we may have loved back then are now looked over. For instance, I was really into flats and ballet shoes but now I do not even look at them when I go shopping. I was also very into leggings and H&M slim fit pants. The pants that were $12.95 and $14.95. Yes, I adored them but now I can't stand them. I'm guessing that is mainly because they don't fit me right like they once did. 

I also wanted to point out my hair! I have always been one to constantly change my hair. In all of these photos my hair was still natural but I manipulated it way more back then. I often times flat ironed it but my go to style was Bantu-knot outs. I was still learning at that time about natural hair so it was trial and error every day. Enough of my chatting. I hope this post somehow inspires you all. If anything, take from this that change is good. 

Love ya!

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