Mar 31, 2015

Broke City Grl(s) Mixer

Hello beautiful people! I hope you all don't hate me too much for my long winded absence from Broke City Grl but I have come back with GREAT news! We have a new addition to the Broke City Grl family. My older sister, Charity, has decided to come along with me on this blogger journey. I for one, am super excited to introduce her to you all but we will do that in a separate post. Don't worry, that will be up pretty soon. 

We have a lot of great things in store and I am so grateful that you all are continuously reading my blog and being supportive of my, now our brand. I will be certain to make this all up to you guys once I get back on my feet. With this new addition and my new place, I have been completely overwhelmed. Seriously. However, I have an amazing event to invite you all to that was thought of by my sister. 

The Broke City Grls Mixer is happening this Friday. I know it is very late notice but we wanted to try this out and see how well of a turn out we will get. We plan to do many great events in the future for you guys. This event is purely dedicated to our brand. We have a great night in store for you all. We want to get personal with the people that continue to uplift our spirits through loving comments and occasional views. The night will be filled with great information on how to change your eating habits, how to prep and plan healthy meals, how to wear spring fashion trends, how to embrace personal style and ItWork's products. If you are at all interested in joining us please email me at

There is limited space so don't miss out! 


You can find more information on the ItWorks products by following the link below. 


Mar 12, 2015

Embracing Black Women: Lejonhjärta

Hi beautiful people! I hope all is well this sunny day. I felt inspired today to try something new. I came up with a great idea which I feel will be very helpful and exciting for some. I have always been one to embrace the beauty of women and uplift those around me. In my years of observation I have realized that women bring each other down and judge each other more than they embrace one another. This is very true for black women, to be exact. I hate that this happens so often which is why I felt the need to start these daily post. Every week I will be dedicating a post to a women of color. It may be an Instagram follower, a stranger on the street, a celebrity, a community advocate, etc. I want these post to have meaning. I want them to make a difference. My main goal is to teach us all that embracing another woman's beauty is perfectly normal. To encourage our black Queens rather than shooting them down. This is important in our black community as we already have outside sources telling us we are lesser. We most encourage from within our culture and with that we will continue to grow and continue to define ourselves as being more. 

With all of that being said, I would like to introduce my first Queens for the Embracing Black Women postings. These young ladies are immaculate. I have been watching them for quite some time on social media and on many different blogger sites. I have become very interested in their lifestyle, their words and their beauty. Their names are Elizabeth and Victoria Lejonhjärta. They were born and raised in Sweden but their roots go beyond just that. I will not say much about their lifestyle or background. You can find that information on Urban Bush Babes. The Lejonhjärta twins did a very personal interview with them back in December that is worthy of the quick read. With natural hair and beautiful melanin, I embrace these ladies with much respect and love. You should do the same.

Lejonhjärta Instagram:

Embracing Black Women

Mar 10, 2015

Apartment Decor Ideas

 Hi lovelies! This post is my inspiration board. I have recently decided to move into my own place with my sister. EXCITED! I have been living at home for 2 years now after high school and I feel that it is time for me to move out. I am financially stable enough to be on my own and I feel that I have matured enough to be able to take care of myself and take care of my own place. So with all of that being said, the decorating is still in its first phase. I have been on Pinterest constantly getting ideas and inspiration from many different sources. I believe I want my place to be very contemporary and modern but still vintage and antique. I know I am always on two sides of the spectrum but I love the feel that the mixture brings. I have not yet decided what pieces I will actually put into my apartment but I have a vision.

Living Room
I really want the living room to feel very inviting but chic. I am not one to be very strict about cleanliness (although it matters to me a lot). I am thinking of buying a very modern futon with 2 vintage/antique chairs to accompany it. My desire is to keep my space uncluttered and minimalist. We are also looking for a side table and a TV stand. These pieces will be very sleek and fitting for the environment. Nothing bulky.

Our kitchen is amazing. It is all stainless steel with dark cherry wood cabinets. It also has a spacious granite top breakfast bar that centers in the middle, separating the kitchen from the living room. We are looking for 4 super cool stools that will fit perfectly underneath the bar to allow for a more casual "dining room" area. Of course we need the basic dishes and cooking supplies. Aside from that, the kitchen will need a small rug/mat as it has hardwood flooring. I'm not really planning on decorating the kitchen much. Maybe a nice inspirational painting will be fitting for the area.

We have one huge bathroom inside of the apartment which is perfect for us. I plan on finding a super chic area rug for the bathroom and a complimentary shower curtain. Most likely I will find this at Ikea. The bathroom will also have to be very minimalist. We will definitely need a DIY makeup storage of some sort because we both have a good amount of products. Any ideas?

Outside of our bedroom decor, I have many ideas to decorate the living room, bathroom and kitchen areas. I would love to find a few great paintings or photographs for the living room. Something with meaning that relates to our lives. Decorating these areas with plants and candles will add more zing to my place. I have already been researching a few plants that interest me but I won't spill the beans just yet. We will be making a huge DIY dream catcher for our space as well. I will be sure to photograph it for you guys.

I will definitely try to vlog and photograph our move in and decorating for everyone who is interested. If you guys have any great ideas for small spaces or great stores we can go to, comment them below.

Stay tuned! 
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