Mar 10, 2015

Apartment Decor Ideas

 Hi lovelies! This post is my inspiration board. I have recently decided to move into my own place with my sister. EXCITED! I have been living at home for 2 years now after high school and I feel that it is time for me to move out. I am financially stable enough to be on my own and I feel that I have matured enough to be able to take care of myself and take care of my own place. So with all of that being said, the decorating is still in its first phase. I have been on Pinterest constantly getting ideas and inspiration from many different sources. I believe I want my place to be very contemporary and modern but still vintage and antique. I know I am always on two sides of the spectrum but I love the feel that the mixture brings. I have not yet decided what pieces I will actually put into my apartment but I have a vision.

Living Room
I really want the living room to feel very inviting but chic. I am not one to be very strict about cleanliness (although it matters to me a lot). I am thinking of buying a very modern futon with 2 vintage/antique chairs to accompany it. My desire is to keep my space uncluttered and minimalist. We are also looking for a side table and a TV stand. These pieces will be very sleek and fitting for the environment. Nothing bulky.

Our kitchen is amazing. It is all stainless steel with dark cherry wood cabinets. It also has a spacious granite top breakfast bar that centers in the middle, separating the kitchen from the living room. We are looking for 4 super cool stools that will fit perfectly underneath the bar to allow for a more casual "dining room" area. Of course we need the basic dishes and cooking supplies. Aside from that, the kitchen will need a small rug/mat as it has hardwood flooring. I'm not really planning on decorating the kitchen much. Maybe a nice inspirational painting will be fitting for the area.

We have one huge bathroom inside of the apartment which is perfect for us. I plan on finding a super chic area rug for the bathroom and a complimentary shower curtain. Most likely I will find this at Ikea. The bathroom will also have to be very minimalist. We will definitely need a DIY makeup storage of some sort because we both have a good amount of products. Any ideas?

Outside of our bedroom decor, I have many ideas to decorate the living room, bathroom and kitchen areas. I would love to find a few great paintings or photographs for the living room. Something with meaning that relates to our lives. Decorating these areas with plants and candles will add more zing to my place. I have already been researching a few plants that interest me but I won't spill the beans just yet. We will be making a huge DIY dream catcher for our space as well. I will be sure to photograph it for you guys.

I will definitely try to vlog and photograph our move in and decorating for everyone who is interested. If you guys have any great ideas for small spaces or great stores we can go to, comment them below.

Stay tuned! 


  1. Who are you moving in with

    1. I am moving in with my sister. You will be seeing more of her on here :)


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