Mar 31, 2015

Broke City Grl(s) Mixer

Hello beautiful people! I hope you all don't hate me too much for my long winded absence from Broke City Grl but I have come back with GREAT news! We have a new addition to the Broke City Grl family. My older sister, Charity, has decided to come along with me on this blogger journey. I for one, am super excited to introduce her to you all but we will do that in a separate post. Don't worry, that will be up pretty soon. 

We have a lot of great things in store and I am so grateful that you all are continuously reading my blog and being supportive of my, now our brand. I will be certain to make this all up to you guys once I get back on my feet. With this new addition and my new place, I have been completely overwhelmed. Seriously. However, I have an amazing event to invite you all to that was thought of by my sister. 

The Broke City Grls Mixer is happening this Friday. I know it is very late notice but we wanted to try this out and see how well of a turn out we will get. We plan to do many great events in the future for you guys. This event is purely dedicated to our brand. We have a great night in store for you all. We want to get personal with the people that continue to uplift our spirits through loving comments and occasional views. The night will be filled with great information on how to change your eating habits, how to prep and plan healthy meals, how to wear spring fashion trends, how to embrace personal style and ItWork's products. If you are at all interested in joining us please email me at

There is limited space so don't miss out! 


You can find more information on the ItWorks products by following the link below. 


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