Mar 12, 2015

Embracing Black Women: Lejonhjärta

Hi beautiful people! I hope all is well this sunny day. I felt inspired today to try something new. I came up with a great idea which I feel will be very helpful and exciting for some. I have always been one to embrace the beauty of women and uplift those around me. In my years of observation I have realized that women bring each other down and judge each other more than they embrace one another. This is very true for black women, to be exact. I hate that this happens so often which is why I felt the need to start these daily post. Every week I will be dedicating a post to a women of color. It may be an Instagram follower, a stranger on the street, a celebrity, a community advocate, etc. I want these post to have meaning. I want them to make a difference. My main goal is to teach us all that embracing another woman's beauty is perfectly normal. To encourage our black Queens rather than shooting them down. This is important in our black community as we already have outside sources telling us we are lesser. We most encourage from within our culture and with that we will continue to grow and continue to define ourselves as being more. 

With all of that being said, I would like to introduce my first Queens for the Embracing Black Women postings. These young ladies are immaculate. I have been watching them for quite some time on social media and on many different blogger sites. I have become very interested in their lifestyle, their words and their beauty. Their names are Elizabeth and Victoria Lejonhjärta. They were born and raised in Sweden but their roots go beyond just that. I will not say much about their lifestyle or background. You can find that information on Urban Bush Babes. The Lejonhjärta twins did a very personal interview with them back in December that is worthy of the quick read. With natural hair and beautiful melanin, I embrace these ladies with much respect and love. You should do the same.

Lejonhjärta Instagram:

Embracing Black Women

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