Apr 16, 2015

My Festival Style

My Festival Style

Hola! In light of the festival season I wanted to do a personal styling post for you all. I will start by saying I did not attend Coachella this year but my goal is to attend next year *fingers crossed. I have always been a huge music festival fan. I love the good vibes of it all and just being outside enjoying beautiful weather and mingling with beautiful people. One thing that I would like to address is the out pour and backlash Coachella has been getting this year. Many people have been using the hash tag "shutdowncoachella". Based off of what I have seen on social media, this hash tag was started to address and protest the fashion trends of Coachella. Many people feel that they are disrespectful and demeaning to certain cultures and ethnicity. I completely understand this movement and I agree with it one hundred percent. With that being said, I wanted to show my festival style to you all in a way that is not considered or associated with "Coachella fashion".  Festival style tends to have a reputation of being very bohemian, egocentric and hippy like. This is not at all the case in my opinion as I feel that festival style can be whatever you want it to be. If this means jeans and a tee or palazzo pants and a crop top. It does not matter as long as you are comfortable in it. Now lets get to the details. 

Look 1:
This look is very flirty and dressy. I love the proportions of it all and I added the pop of color in the shoe as it brings more fierceness to the outfit. The colors are very complimentary to one another. The cropped top and the midi skirt allows you to show a bit of skin keeping you cool in the hot spring/summer heat. The chunky heels are great for festival season because they will balance you out on the grass and they will not dig into the soft lawn. 

Look 2: 
Absolutely my favorite out of the three looks. To me, this look is so chic and super casual. My summer/spring wardrobe is mainly made up of basic tunic and tee shirt dresses. I fine them the easiest to style and you look so effortless when wearing them. The key in this look is the accessories. The sunhat is very unique and the wide brim adds a casual touch to the look and minimizes the flirty feel of the dress. I consider the shoes an accessory as well because of the detailing. This is what makes the look super chic. 

Look 3:
Everyone is completely raving over crochet bralettes and so am I. The crochet crop top adds flare to the palazzo pants and adds a great festival feel. The printed pants are perfect for this because they compliment the bralette and they are high waist so you are not showing too much of the tummy. Overall, this look is what you often see at festivals. It has a great festival vibe and very comfortable look. 

Do not base your festival style on the street style of Coachella. It is simple, just embrace what you love and what you feel comfortable in while incorporating more festive accessories. 

Use #bcgfestivalstyle to share your festival style with me!


  1. Mariam, 20: Missing your fashion related blog post. Will we be expecting more this summer?

    1. Hi Mariam!

      You will be seeing a lot more of my fashion related Lookbook post. I am a bit overwhelmed with finals, work, etc so I have had to put blogging on the back burner for a while. BUT I plan to be back in full swing this coming week.

      Stay tuned in!


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