Apr 4, 2015

Trend Alert: Funky Sunglasses

Trend Alert: Funky Sunglasses

Hi my loves! I hope you all are enjoying the kick off of the weekend. I was inspired this morning by a few Pinterest pics of these crazy cool sunglasses. I have been seeing more wacky and funky sunglasses these past few months thus a new Trend Alert was inevitable to happen. I for one am very happy and excited about this new trend as I have always loved crazy looking sunglasses. In the process of making this post I found an amazing online website called 80sPurple. They have some amazing sunglasses for very affordable prices. I will include the link to their website at the end of the post. 

I know some may be completely frightened by this post. Trust me, I was in the same boat at first, but after seeing a few street style post with people rocking these funky sunglasses I fell in love.

It is always very fun to add super cool accessories to your outfits. They are also great conversation pieces! If you tend to go for a more casual wardrobe, a statement piece such as these sunglasses will dramatize your entire look making it more interesting. For the spring and summer, funky sunglasses with soft, colorful tones are better to wear. This brings softness to your tanned skin and bright outfits. In the winter and fall darker tones with prints and patterns are more ideal. Cheetah print, zebra print and leopard patterns will add flare and funk to your textured cardigans and heavy scarves. If you love this new trend as much as I do, go to 80sPurple to find the perfect sunglasses for you. 

Happy Saturday!


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