Jul 21, 2015

When Life Happens...

Hi everyone! It's been a long time. I am tremendously sorry for being away most of the summer. Life has taken me in so many different directions so far this year that I have become more than overwhelmed. I wanted to give you all a quick update of what's going on in my life and why I have been so busy and stressed.

To start off, I am so happy to say that I will be attending Marymount University this fall to finish my Bachelor's Degree in Fashion Merchandising. Some of you may know that I attended VCU my freshmen year and decided to come home because of several different factors. My goal in coming back home was to save up some money, get my own place and my own car. I succeeded by working full time and going to school at NOVA. Now I am headed into my junior year in college at the age of 19.

Life happens and we must go with the punches and keep pushing forward. I am unaware of what God has in store for me but I am always thankful for the blessings I receive. Being at such a young age, living on your own and trying to succeed your goals is a hard thing to fathom. You have to prioritize. You have to constantly remind yourself the reasoning behind your determination. You have to have motivation. You have to smile when you want to cry. You have to laugh when you want to scream. You have to think positive. Most importantly you have to believe in yourself. For quite some time I was lacking that belief in myself. I felt like I took on more than I could handle. I still feel like this today but I know I will be just fine.

With all that being said, I have been planning a few things for Broke City Grl. I do not want to announce anything for sure at this point because everything is still in the works. Some of you may know that I have been talking about a YouTube Channel. I am still trying my very best to get this up and running. My plan is to introduce my channel in September in time for fall and winter fashion lookbooks. My fingers crossed that everything goes as planned. I will be setting up a small studio inside my home to film and photograph better content for you all. Although my life is hectic at the moment, Broke City Grl is apart of me and I will not neglect it. I appreciate all of you who continue to support and understand me. You guys truly keep me going! Stay tuned for what's in store.

With love,

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