Aug 27, 2015

Do It Yourself: Message Board

Hi loves! Today I will be sharing a super easy and fun do it yourself project. I have been getting my new work space together for a few weeks now and I have drawn inspiration from so many different places for it. After searching Pinterest for ideas, I came across an amazing work space photo (above) that incorporated a unique metal message board. I automatically fell in love. It added so much character and texture to the work space that I decided I needed one for myself. So the hunt began on finding one to purchase. After doing some research, I realized that I could make one myself and save a ton of money so I began to look for materials. The entire project only took me about an hour or so to complete. After the paint dried (overnight) I was ready to set it up and see how amazing it would look and sure enough, I loved the final outcome! It only cost me about $20 for all the materials and no hard labor was needed. If you all are interested in how I created my very own unique message board, see the steps below!

M A T E R I A L S:
A pack of stainless steel brillo pads- Dollar Tree 
A can of black Spray Paint (primer and paint in one)- Home Depot 
Stainless Steel gates- Home Depot 
Nails- Ikea 
Screw Driver- Ikea 
S T E P 1:
The gates I purchased from Home Depot were a bit rusty so my first step was cleaning them off. Make sure you have a good location to do this as it will get a bit messy. I just used my tub for this portion. To begin, I used the brillo pads and began scrubbing parts of the gate gently to get all of the orange rust off. Take your time when doing this. If you skip this step, your paint will chip within a few days and all of your hard work will be ruined. So will your wall.

S T E P 2:
Your next step after cleaning the gate off thoroughly is spray painting. Before spray painting the gate, I cleaned it off with a small wet rag. This allowed my paint to spray on easily with a clean slate. Please note, you must be in a well ventilated area or outdoors when using spray paint. Being that I live in an apartment, outside was my best bet. When targeting the gate, I made sure to stay at least 2 feet back and covered my face with a napkin to protect myself from the fumes. I painted the gate both front and back taking my time to ensure I covered it entirely.
 S T E P 3:
After covering both front and back, I went through once more to make sure the gate was completely covered. You can easily miss the corners so make sure to take a close look before calling it quits. The photo above is the end product with wet paint.

S T E P 4:
I let the gate dry overnight to ensure that it was completely dry and not sticky. I knew I would be hanging it on my off white walls so I was very mindful of that. After marking where I wanted to hang my new message board with a small pencil, I began placing my nails. Hanging my message board was easy breezy. I made sure the nails were positioned evenly so my message board would hang effortlessly. Side note- I promise it is straight, I'm just not the best photographer.
This is the final product after setting everything up. My work space is not lavish or perfect but it is my vision and I am so proud of what I created. I hope you all found this DIY project super helpful. If you are unorganized or forgetful, like myself, this message board will help you get through your weeks like a boss. ;)
Try it out yourself! 

Aug 25, 2015

How To Wear: The Basics

How To Wear: The Basics
Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone had a great jump start to the week. Many of you may have headed back to school/college this past Monday so I wanted to do a cute How To Wear post for you all. I believe the key to a successful college or school wardrobe is adding in the basics. The basics, in my opinion, include a plain white tee, your favorite skinny or straight leg jeans and a black bag. I am certain many of us already have these basic pieces in our wardrobe and if not, you should totally consider purchasing them all. You do not have to go to an expensive retail store to find these pieces. I have found several comfortable and stylish tees at Old Navy and many of my good jeans are from Nordstrom Rack, Marshall's and Ross. You all know I am a college girl myself so I also benefited from these tips. It can be very hard to look fashionable and stylish on a budget but it is definitely doable! I styled these basics in 3 different ways to show you all how versatile and fashionable they can be.

L O O K 1 (above):
This is my favorite look out of the 3. It is a very chic look for the stylish college/school girl. The loose fitted tee along with the unstructured scarf adds a very casual feel to the entire look which also fits the school girl lifestyle. We are constantly on the go with little to no time to spare. The shoes and hat are great pieces for the transitioning season. In the mornings it is beginning to get a bit chilly so these pieces are perfect for the purpose of keeping you warm while walking across campus or standing at the bus stop. If you get a little hot during the day just throw your scarf into your bag. Your outfit will still look fabulous! 

L O O K 2:
For the flirty school girl, I have added a bit more pizzazz to this look. The D'Orsay pointed toe flat is what makes this look a bit more flirty. Prints are always an easy way to jazz up an outfit. Wearing these basics can get a bit boring so always look for statement pieces or fun prints to add some flare. The sunglasses are a great accessory but be mindful of the style you choose. Keeping it simple in color is usually your best bet when choosing a pair of sunglasses. To add a bit more character to the look, I would wear a matte red lip and some cool bangles/bracelets. 

L O O K 3:
Last but not least is for those who love the tomboy and masculine style. I actually started to like this look a lot myself and I rarely wear sneakers. However, I have always been a fan of the Nike Roshe Run sneakers. I incorporated them into this look because they are pretty easy to style. Unlike most sneakers, they are not very bulky making it easy to style with basic and essential pieces. The vest caught my eye instantly! The length of the vest is very similar to a male blazer which gives the look a more masculine feel. 

That's it! Simple. Easy and Affordable looks with everyday basics.  


Aug 23, 2015

Styling Our Converse Sneakers

Hello there! I hope everyone is enjoying what's left of the weekend. Today my little sister and I decided to do a fun photo-shoot which I then decided to turn into a quick Lookbook. First I will start by introducing my littler sister! Her name is Madison and she just turned 12 years old earlier in August. She loves animals, the color blue and hanging out with her big sister. She is beginning to create her fashion sense and I absolutely love it. She enjoys styling herself and adding her own spin to her looks. So she was super excited to learn that I would be featuring her in this post on Broke City Grl. I hope you all welcome her with open arms!
Anyhow, we both love our Converse sneakers so the idea of showing you all how we style them was perfect and easy to do. We have worn Converse sneakers for so many years that they have become a basic in our wardrobe. I personally love the versatility of the converse sneakers. You can pretty much style them in which ever way you wish. Today I decided to style mines in a more festive fashion while she styled hers in a more casual laid back way. For full details on our outfits see below.
Look 1
Dress- Topshop
Shoes- Converse Originals
Watch- Pink Accessories
Look 2
Dress- Zara Basics
Sweater- Necessary Clothing
Shoes- Converse Originals
Watch- Pink Accessories
Mady's Look 1
Jumper- Charolette Russe
Long Vest- Ross
Mady's Look 2
Romper- Marshall's
Shoes- Converse Originals
Scarf- Target


Aug 21, 2015

Work Day Essentials + Day To Night Edition

 Hi everyone! In lieu of a weekend essentials post, I wanted to share my work day essentials with you all. I decided to do this today for those who work on weekends. I know it can be a struggle getting out of bed on a Saturday morning to work a 8 hour shift. But, some of us aren't that fortunate to have weekends off. For me it is also a struggle when I want to go out after work but either don't have time to change or just don't have the energy. I have found a few things that work for me when this is the case. With these essential and basic statement pieces, I am able to go to the office in a presentable fashion and transform easily for a night out.

Let's begin. The classic black pump is definitely an essential when trying to master the "day to night" look. I purchased these suede pumps from Topshop on sale for $20. It was an amazing fashion find as their original price is $85. These pumps are the perfect height for both work and night life. I believe the heel is about 4 inches. I wouldn't go higher than this for work. Anything above 4 inches can be a bit much, especially if you are walking or standing all day. What I love most about my pumps are the slight pointy toe. I personally feel that the toe is not too pointy or accentuated. The fact that I can walk in them all day without much trouble is a plus. The combination of comfort and suitability is what you should look for in your essential black pump. 

Red lips have always been a great way to add flare to your work looks. I usually go for a dull red rather than a bright red. This MAC prolong wear lip pencil was the perfect red for me. It is matte which I love because I am not fond of having to redo my lipstick throughout the day. This lipstick stays put. The matte finish is a bit more professional to me as well. Glossy and dramatic lips are often seen as too bold for an office setting. 

Adding a black clutch or wallet into your work purse is something we all should start doing. I am sure we don't want to lug our work purse to a night club or bar. The main reason I don't is because I am usually very forgetful. Most likely I would sit my purse down and completely forget about it. Holding something in my hand all night is more efficient for me. A small black clutch or wallet is also important if mother-nature is paying you a visit. We all know it can be super awkward walking into the bathroom with your purse on your shoulder. I usually put my feminine products in a small wallet or clutch like the one above to alleviate the awkward stares.

As you all probably know by now, I do not wear much make-up. I usually just throw on some mascara and fill in my brows for work. I have been noticing that by the end of the day I look completely drained. After a 8 hour shift at work, my face usually is a bit pale and lifeless (slight exaggeration). I like to throw my favorite bronzer and mascara into my work bag when I know I am going out later on. I do not bring my brushes with me to work because I am afraid they will get messed up as I don't have a brush bag. Instead, I simply use my finger tips to pat the bronzer onto my skin. This adds just a bit of color to my skin which is all I need.  
These easy steps and easy essential pieces will truly make a difference in your social life (slight exaggeration). But honestly, I know that if I go home after work I am definitely in for the night. For those who can relate, these tips will definitely help. Otherwise you will make plans and end up not going because of your lazy ways. And soon your friends will just stop asking! haha ;)

I hope these tips help!


Aug 20, 2015

Dear Self: Reflection

You started this blog to inspire. Always remember that. 

You get too caught up in the gossip and fake-ness of social media. Do not pretend. Be transparent in all that you do. Speak truth. Speak realness but remain conscious of who you may offend. 

You are different and that is O.K. Embrace each flaw, own each dark shadow, show off that crooked smile. If they do not love you for who you are, then you do not want them around anyway. 

Be sure to vibrate love to everyone. You cannot and should not be selective in who receives your love. Otherwise, you are just as bad as those who hate for no reason. However, be mindful. 

Not everyone will get you. That is also O.K. Those who don't get you are equally as important as those who do. 

Enjoy your journey. You focus too much on reaching certain goals that you forget to breath easy and embrace the journey. 

Please remember that perfection is made up. Nothing in this world is perfect. No one in this world is perfect. 

Be patient with yourself. You are young. You are imperfect and beautiful in every way. You are a flawed human being. Take your time. There is not rush to grow up. 

Wander into this world with bare feet. God will catch you if you fall. He will heal your wounds. The dirt and scratches left on your feet will be the beautiful reminder of the journey.

Remember to be thankful. You have accomplished so much! You should be proud of how far you have come. But, never forget how far you have come. Your past is just as important as your future. 

Read more books. Watch less television. Socialize more. Write more often. 

Work on your attitude. You often hurt the ones you love because you are blinded by the hurt and pain someone else has caused. 

Forgive. Forgive those who have hurt you. Not for their sake but for yours. If you continue to keep those dark clouds around, you will miss out on so much sunshine. 

Learn to love yourself. We all battle with self love. Our society today tells us what it means to be beautiful. Don't believe that crap! You are beautiful. Without the makeup, without the thick thighs and round bottom. Love your body and your smile.

Speak to these young girls and grown woman with passion and love. Express to them that they are not alone. That what they are feeling, you are feeling too. Show them that you are there for them. Show them that you understand. Because you do.

Inspire. You started this blog to inspire. Always remember that.


Aug 16, 2015

A Simple and Refreshed You

 Hi beautiful people! Thank you for stopping by Broke City Grl today. I have a great announcement to share with you all. My YouTube Channel will begin in September 2015! Only a few weeks away so I am super excited to share that with you guys. You all have been so patient with me and I truly appreciate you! With all of that being said, I wanted to share an intimate post with you all for this beautiful Sunday. Over the past few weeks, I have been constantly battling with issues of self love. Our flaws can truly bring us down if we let them consume us. Today I am here to tell you all that your flaws--every stretch-mark, scar and pimple is beautiful. Know that and live by it.

Now some of you may know that I have battled with acne and stretch-marks since middle school and they still are apart of who I am today. I am learning different ways to control my acne breakouts and stretch-marks and I think I have found what I have been waiting for. Thanks to Vanity Planet, I found an excellent skincare tool that truly makes a difference in my skin care regimen. Their spin brush is absolutely amazing. I purchased my spin brush a few months ago and I use it everyday. The spin brush comes with 4 brushes (a body exfoliate brush, face exfoliate brush, daily cleanse brush and pumice stone brush) that you put onto the tool when ready to use. All of which are in rotation on a daily basis for me. My new morning and night time routine (which I will share in detail on YouTube) consist mainly of the daily cleanse brush, the Shea Moisture African Black Soap bar and my Vanity Planet spin brush. This regimen leaves my skin super smooth and full of life.

Another great product I have been using is the Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes. These wipes are very gentle on the skin. After a long work day or day of play I am ready to remove my makeup without much fuss and head to bed. These wipes remove my makeup with ease. It leaves my skin moisturized and clean which is great if I'm too lazy to follow up with my night time routine. We all know it happens! The Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes are affordable and easy to find. I purchased my wipes at my local Target and Walgreens.

I would suggest all these products for people battling with acne or any skin issues for that matter. The use of these products will make you feel refreshed and comfortable which is what we all want for our skin.

P.S. I am wearing no makeup in the photos above, only mascara.

Be you, the simple and refreshed you. 
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