Aug 20, 2015

Dear Self: Reflection

You started this blog to inspire. Always remember that. 

You get too caught up in the gossip and fake-ness of social media. Do not pretend. Be transparent in all that you do. Speak truth. Speak realness but remain conscious of who you may offend. 

You are different and that is O.K. Embrace each flaw, own each dark shadow, show off that crooked smile. If they do not love you for who you are, then you do not want them around anyway. 

Be sure to vibrate love to everyone. You cannot and should not be selective in who receives your love. Otherwise, you are just as bad as those who hate for no reason. However, be mindful. 

Not everyone will get you. That is also O.K. Those who don't get you are equally as important as those who do. 

Enjoy your journey. You focus too much on reaching certain goals that you forget to breath easy and embrace the journey. 

Please remember that perfection is made up. Nothing in this world is perfect. No one in this world is perfect. 

Be patient with yourself. You are young. You are imperfect and beautiful in every way. You are a flawed human being. Take your time. There is not rush to grow up. 

Wander into this world with bare feet. God will catch you if you fall. He will heal your wounds. The dirt and scratches left on your feet will be the beautiful reminder of the journey.

Remember to be thankful. You have accomplished so much! You should be proud of how far you have come. But, never forget how far you have come. Your past is just as important as your future. 

Read more books. Watch less television. Socialize more. Write more often. 

Work on your attitude. You often hurt the ones you love because you are blinded by the hurt and pain someone else has caused. 

Forgive. Forgive those who have hurt you. Not for their sake but for yours. If you continue to keep those dark clouds around, you will miss out on so much sunshine. 

Learn to love yourself. We all battle with self love. Our society today tells us what it means to be beautiful. Don't believe that crap! You are beautiful. Without the makeup, without the thick thighs and round bottom. Love your body and your smile.

Speak to these young girls and grown woman with passion and love. Express to them that they are not alone. That what they are feeling, you are feeling too. Show them that you are there for them. Show them that you understand. Because you do.

Inspire. You started this blog to inspire. Always remember that.


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