Aug 27, 2015

Do It Yourself: Message Board

Hi loves! Today I will be sharing a super easy and fun do it yourself project. I have been getting my new work space together for a few weeks now and I have drawn inspiration from so many different places for it. After searching Pinterest for ideas, I came across an amazing work space photo (above) that incorporated a unique metal message board. I automatically fell in love. It added so much character and texture to the work space that I decided I needed one for myself. So the hunt began on finding one to purchase. After doing some research, I realized that I could make one myself and save a ton of money so I began to look for materials. The entire project only took me about an hour or so to complete. After the paint dried (overnight) I was ready to set it up and see how amazing it would look and sure enough, I loved the final outcome! It only cost me about $20 for all the materials and no hard labor was needed. If you all are interested in how I created my very own unique message board, see the steps below!

M A T E R I A L S:
A pack of stainless steel brillo pads- Dollar Tree 
A can of black Spray Paint (primer and paint in one)- Home Depot 
Stainless Steel gates- Home Depot 
Nails- Ikea 
Screw Driver- Ikea 
S T E P 1:
The gates I purchased from Home Depot were a bit rusty so my first step was cleaning them off. Make sure you have a good location to do this as it will get a bit messy. I just used my tub for this portion. To begin, I used the brillo pads and began scrubbing parts of the gate gently to get all of the orange rust off. Take your time when doing this. If you skip this step, your paint will chip within a few days and all of your hard work will be ruined. So will your wall.

S T E P 2:
Your next step after cleaning the gate off thoroughly is spray painting. Before spray painting the gate, I cleaned it off with a small wet rag. This allowed my paint to spray on easily with a clean slate. Please note, you must be in a well ventilated area or outdoors when using spray paint. Being that I live in an apartment, outside was my best bet. When targeting the gate, I made sure to stay at least 2 feet back and covered my face with a napkin to protect myself from the fumes. I painted the gate both front and back taking my time to ensure I covered it entirely.
 S T E P 3:
After covering both front and back, I went through once more to make sure the gate was completely covered. You can easily miss the corners so make sure to take a close look before calling it quits. The photo above is the end product with wet paint.

S T E P 4:
I let the gate dry overnight to ensure that it was completely dry and not sticky. I knew I would be hanging it on my off white walls so I was very mindful of that. After marking where I wanted to hang my new message board with a small pencil, I began placing my nails. Hanging my message board was easy breezy. I made sure the nails were positioned evenly so my message board would hang effortlessly. Side note- I promise it is straight, I'm just not the best photographer.
This is the final product after setting everything up. My work space is not lavish or perfect but it is my vision and I am so proud of what I created. I hope you all found this DIY project super helpful. If you are unorganized or forgetful, like myself, this message board will help you get through your weeks like a boss. ;)
Try it out yourself! 

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