Aug 25, 2015

How To Wear: The Basics

How To Wear: The Basics
Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone had a great jump start to the week. Many of you may have headed back to school/college this past Monday so I wanted to do a cute How To Wear post for you all. I believe the key to a successful college or school wardrobe is adding in the basics. The basics, in my opinion, include a plain white tee, your favorite skinny or straight leg jeans and a black bag. I am certain many of us already have these basic pieces in our wardrobe and if not, you should totally consider purchasing them all. You do not have to go to an expensive retail store to find these pieces. I have found several comfortable and stylish tees at Old Navy and many of my good jeans are from Nordstrom Rack, Marshall's and Ross. You all know I am a college girl myself so I also benefited from these tips. It can be very hard to look fashionable and stylish on a budget but it is definitely doable! I styled these basics in 3 different ways to show you all how versatile and fashionable they can be.

L O O K 1 (above):
This is my favorite look out of the 3. It is a very chic look for the stylish college/school girl. The loose fitted tee along with the unstructured scarf adds a very casual feel to the entire look which also fits the school girl lifestyle. We are constantly on the go with little to no time to spare. The shoes and hat are great pieces for the transitioning season. In the mornings it is beginning to get a bit chilly so these pieces are perfect for the purpose of keeping you warm while walking across campus or standing at the bus stop. If you get a little hot during the day just throw your scarf into your bag. Your outfit will still look fabulous! 

L O O K 2:
For the flirty school girl, I have added a bit more pizzazz to this look. The D'Orsay pointed toe flat is what makes this look a bit more flirty. Prints are always an easy way to jazz up an outfit. Wearing these basics can get a bit boring so always look for statement pieces or fun prints to add some flare. The sunglasses are a great accessory but be mindful of the style you choose. Keeping it simple in color is usually your best bet when choosing a pair of sunglasses. To add a bit more character to the look, I would wear a matte red lip and some cool bangles/bracelets. 

L O O K 3:
Last but not least is for those who love the tomboy and masculine style. I actually started to like this look a lot myself and I rarely wear sneakers. However, I have always been a fan of the Nike Roshe Run sneakers. I incorporated them into this look because they are pretty easy to style. Unlike most sneakers, they are not very bulky making it easy to style with basic and essential pieces. The vest caught my eye instantly! The length of the vest is very similar to a male blazer which gives the look a more masculine feel. 

That's it! Simple. Easy and Affordable looks with everyday basics.  


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