Aug 23, 2015

Styling Our Converse Sneakers

Hello there! I hope everyone is enjoying what's left of the weekend. Today my little sister and I decided to do a fun photo-shoot which I then decided to turn into a quick Lookbook. First I will start by introducing my littler sister! Her name is Madison and she just turned 12 years old earlier in August. She loves animals, the color blue and hanging out with her big sister. She is beginning to create her fashion sense and I absolutely love it. She enjoys styling herself and adding her own spin to her looks. So she was super excited to learn that I would be featuring her in this post on Broke City Grl. I hope you all welcome her with open arms!
Anyhow, we both love our Converse sneakers so the idea of showing you all how we style them was perfect and easy to do. We have worn Converse sneakers for so many years that they have become a basic in our wardrobe. I personally love the versatility of the converse sneakers. You can pretty much style them in which ever way you wish. Today I decided to style mines in a more festive fashion while she styled hers in a more casual laid back way. For full details on our outfits see below.
Look 1
Dress- Topshop
Shoes- Converse Originals
Watch- Pink Accessories
Look 2
Dress- Zara Basics
Sweater- Necessary Clothing
Shoes- Converse Originals
Watch- Pink Accessories
Mady's Look 1
Jumper- Charolette Russe
Long Vest- Ross
Mady's Look 2
Romper- Marshall's
Shoes- Converse Originals
Scarf- Target


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