Aug 21, 2015

Work Day Essentials + Day To Night Edition

 Hi everyone! In lieu of a weekend essentials post, I wanted to share my work day essentials with you all. I decided to do this today for those who work on weekends. I know it can be a struggle getting out of bed on a Saturday morning to work a 8 hour shift. But, some of us aren't that fortunate to have weekends off. For me it is also a struggle when I want to go out after work but either don't have time to change or just don't have the energy. I have found a few things that work for me when this is the case. With these essential and basic statement pieces, I am able to go to the office in a presentable fashion and transform easily for a night out.

Let's begin. The classic black pump is definitely an essential when trying to master the "day to night" look. I purchased these suede pumps from Topshop on sale for $20. It was an amazing fashion find as their original price is $85. These pumps are the perfect height for both work and night life. I believe the heel is about 4 inches. I wouldn't go higher than this for work. Anything above 4 inches can be a bit much, especially if you are walking or standing all day. What I love most about my pumps are the slight pointy toe. I personally feel that the toe is not too pointy or accentuated. The fact that I can walk in them all day without much trouble is a plus. The combination of comfort and suitability is what you should look for in your essential black pump. 

Red lips have always been a great way to add flare to your work looks. I usually go for a dull red rather than a bright red. This MAC prolong wear lip pencil was the perfect red for me. It is matte which I love because I am not fond of having to redo my lipstick throughout the day. This lipstick stays put. The matte finish is a bit more professional to me as well. Glossy and dramatic lips are often seen as too bold for an office setting. 

Adding a black clutch or wallet into your work purse is something we all should start doing. I am sure we don't want to lug our work purse to a night club or bar. The main reason I don't is because I am usually very forgetful. Most likely I would sit my purse down and completely forget about it. Holding something in my hand all night is more efficient for me. A small black clutch or wallet is also important if mother-nature is paying you a visit. We all know it can be super awkward walking into the bathroom with your purse on your shoulder. I usually put my feminine products in a small wallet or clutch like the one above to alleviate the awkward stares.

As you all probably know by now, I do not wear much make-up. I usually just throw on some mascara and fill in my brows for work. I have been noticing that by the end of the day I look completely drained. After a 8 hour shift at work, my face usually is a bit pale and lifeless (slight exaggeration). I like to throw my favorite bronzer and mascara into my work bag when I know I am going out later on. I do not bring my brushes with me to work because I am afraid they will get messed up as I don't have a brush bag. Instead, I simply use my finger tips to pat the bronzer onto my skin. This adds just a bit of color to my skin which is all I need.  
These easy steps and easy essential pieces will truly make a difference in your social life (slight exaggeration). But honestly, I know that if I go home after work I am definitely in for the night. For those who can relate, these tips will definitely help. Otherwise you will make plans and end up not going because of your lazy ways. And soon your friends will just stop asking! haha ;)

I hope these tips help!


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