Sep 28, 2015

My New Fashion Finds

Happy Monday! I hope you all are well. To begin the week, I am sharing a few great fashion finds that I recently added to my wardrobe. 

F I N D 1:
My first fashion find is this super chic Zara Basic Mini Dress in olive green. The material is faux leather but it is so well made that you truly can not tell. This dress reminds me so much of my old school dresses from elementary. It can be worn in the fall and winter with sweaters and blazers or in the spring and summer with crop tops. By far this is my favorite fashion find this year! 

F I N D 2:
The next fashion find is this Topshop Trench Coat I found at Nordstrom Rack on clearance. I was so surprised to see it on the clearance rack. My guess is that they are redoing this style coat. I am not a true coat lover but this coat is just the right style and fit for me. It is a little baggy as I got a size 4 but the size works if I will be wearing big sweaters and such underneath. It is very cozy as well but I am sure I will need another coat for the winter. 

F I N D 3:
This fashion find was already introduced to you all a few post back but I figured I would reintroduce it to you. This is the Zara Flared Ribbed Dress from their TRF collection. The dress has a snug crew neckline which elongates the neck a bit. The dress is not very light weight but that is what I love most because I can wear it all year around.

F I N D 4:
Low and behold, I finally found the perfect flared jeans! Thank you Zara, thank you so much for making these jeans. I feel like they were made especially for me. They are the perfect fit. They snug my bottom and thighs just enough. They also stretch which is another plus for me because I am always on the go. Sometimes the cutest jeans can be super uncomfortable but these flared jeans are not. Take my word for it, you need a pair. 

F I N D 5 + 6:
I found these cute booties at The Shoe Hive this past weekend. They are made by Sam Edelman and are only priced at $55. They are rubber, waterproof rain boots. I am not a fan of rain boots but these were just so stylish that I had to give in. They are just above my ankle which is my ideal boot. I obviously had to get them in 2 colors, black and moss. 

F I N D 7:
We are definitely taking it back with these Superga sneakers. I had a pair just like this when I was little and I have the picture to prove it! I found these at The Shoe Hive as well and only paid $45 for them. I love wedge sneakers but they never worked for me, possibly because of my size 9 foot. I tried these on and new I had to get them. They do not make my feet look huge and they are super comfortable.

Most of these finds were spur of the moment buys but I couldn't be happier with my purchases. They can be worn in so many different ways and with so many different basic pieces already in my wardrobe. Watch the video below for a brief look at how I styled some of these finds!


Sep 23, 2015

Booties 101 + Tips

Booties 101 + Tips

It's F A L L! Finally, the day I have been waiting for since July. I don't know about you all but I love everything about this time of year. The weather is amazing and the fashion trends are booming. NYFW has ended and we are all ready to shop our pants off to get the latest trendy shoes and clothing items. Well, I wanted to give you all a few tips before running out and buying your fall booties. I have noticed that it is very hard to find booties or boots in general that are the perfect fit. By fit I mean style, actual fit and comfort which will vary for us all. All of these preferences are what we tend to consider when heading into the department stores to search for shoes. It can be a hard task if you have no idea what works for you. 

Ankle booties happen to be my favorite shoes of all time so this post is very near and dear to my heart. I love ankle booties for many different reasons but the main reason is that they fit my skinny legs perfectly. It is so hard for me to find riding boots that fit nice and snug on my leg without being baggy or frumpy. This is why I stick to ankle boots or booties instead. 

However, there are so many different styles of ankle booties out there that it is so hard for me to find that perfect style that works best for myself and my wardrobe. To narrow down the list, I tried to put all ankle booties into 4 subcategories. The first category is shoetties, the second is western style, next is classic booties and last but not least is lace up booties. So let's jump right in to discuss them a bit further!

 This style bootie is very low cut. It usually falls a little below the ankle or right at the ankle. They are usually slip on but some also have zippers and buckles. They are easy to style with jeans but may not be the right fit for you if your preferred style is wearing boots with dresses and skirts. Shooties are perfect for those who cling to jeans in the winter and fall. You will need some extra coverage on your legs and ankles because of the low cut. 

Western Bootie:
This style bootie has gained some popularity over the years. Many booties in this category have extra design such as buckles, zippers and fringe to resemble the old western style boots. The toes of the boot are often curled up a bit. They can be pointy or round toe but many are pointy toed with a wide block heel. The western style booties are great for those who cling to jeans as well but are not afraid to wear sweater dresses. They look the best with skinny and straight leg jeans. 

Classic Bootie:
The classic booties are my favorite. I am a simple kind of gal so classic and minimalist is how I like to keep my shoe wardrobe. These booties tend to be very sleek in design. They usually do not have buckles or added flare although some have unique designs. For instance, some may have cut out heels, angled heels, prints, open toes, etc. They are usually above the ankle which makes them versatile when styling. You can pretty much wear anything with a classic bootie-- dresses, skirts, leggings, jeans, culottes, etc. The styling options are endless.

Lace Up Bootie:
This style is pretty self explanatory. The infamous Dr. Martens are a great example of a lace up bootie. They range in height but many fall above the ankle right at the shin. I am seeing a more grunge or rugged design for the lace up booties but they are pretty easy to style. To keep it simple, you either love them or hate them. 

I hope these tips are helpful as you head to the shoe stores to look for the perfect bootie this season! I found my perfect bootie last season at Nordstrom Rack but they are about to hit the dust. I look forward to shopping for more booties soon. I most likely will be heading to Zara and Aldo as I am really liking their Fall collections. I will be sure to share my purchases with you all. 

Here are my favorites from last season. 


Sep 21, 2015

YouTube Channel: brokecitygrl

Pre-Fall Lookbook

Getting To Know Me

Skin Care + Tips

Hi my loves! Happy Monday to all. Some may already know, but I wanted to inform everyone that I finally launched my YouTube channel. I am so excited to share this journey with you all. I have been wanting to do this for a very long time and with the help of friends, family and God, I was able to bring it all to life. It is not perfect, it is not where I want it to be but I figured as I continue to grow, so will my channel and everything else I set out to do. 

I have been a huge fan of many "YouTubers" for a while now. I enjoyed watching the make up videos and favorite product videos but I saw something lacking in many YouTube channels. There wasn't a lot of transparency and truth to them. Maybe it was just me, but I didn't feel connected with the people I watched daily. I felt that after gaining some popularity these YouTubers lost focus. That is one thing I do not want to lose during this journey. By no means am I looking to gain popularity or fame. I truly would be the happiest girl in the world if I am able to get 1 subscriber/follower. 

To inspire one person is my main goal.

Now, I am still learning the hows and whats for my videos. It is very hard for me to film at this time because I am working a full time and part time job while still maintaining school and a social life. Needless to say, I will always make it a priority to follow my dreams and to never give up. I plan to continue putting out videos every Sunday and possibly striving for Wednesdays as well. 

I will continue to keep you all updated regarding my channel and I look forward to sharing this journey with you. Please be sure to watch the videos above and subscribe to my channel if you would like. I appreciate the ongoing support and love. It truly keeps me positive and focused. My purpose in life has never been clearer and to know that I am inspiring people is enough reassurance for me to keep moving forward. In everything that I do-- all the videos I make, all the self notes and blog post, everything I do is for one reason and one reason only...

To Inspire.


Sep 17, 2015

Dear Self: Daddy-less

You are not daddy-less, you are just blessed to have a strong superwoman instead. 

You are not daddy-less. That indicates something is missing. You are not missing anything. 

You are not daddy-less. God just chose you to be one out of a handful of people to have a superwoman as a mother. 

That man was just a sperm donor. That is it. I know that sounds harsh but who cares. 

The word dad and father are meaningful. Meaningful to some, useless to me. I didn't grow up with a father or a dad.

I had men in my life that tried to fill that emptiness. 

But none could stay long enough to hear the emptiness in my heart or to see the pain deep in my soul.

They tried, yes. But I would have preferred they didn't. 

I would have preferred my superwoman and that's it. Because she is incomparable. 

And he. He is forgiven. Forgiven for the feeling of abandonment I have such a hard time to shake. 

Forgiven for the torture. The torture of being their one day and disappearing the next. How could he?

Forgiven, because if I hold a grudge I am only hurting myself in the long run. 

Forgiven, because if I don't forgive him, every man that tries to love me will have to deal with the pain he caused.

Forgiven, because I don't need him in my life.

Forgiven, because I don't understand why and if I spend my entire life trying to understand I will be miserable.

Forgiven, because he taught me lessons that no one else can or will even have the opportunity to try. 

Like the lesson of worth. To know your worth is to rise above the worthlessness of deception and despair. 

He is forgiven, because my superwoman will always be there. Even when she is not and will not, her presence will be noticeable. 

Noticeable in the way I speak, the way I stand, the way I smile, the way I laugh.

And he. He won't be noticed at all. Because he left me. 

I'm older now and I am learning what it means to be "daddy-less". It isn't a flaw. It is a blessing. 

But only a blessing if you learn from his mistakes. I am now embracing my daddy-less demeanor.

You know, that demeanor that tends to scare boys off because "she is too troubled". Yes, that demeanor that comes off as angry and stuck up. 

Now every time I notice myself being an "angry black woman" I smile. I smile because I reflect on everything I have been through.

I smile because I have come a long way and I know my worth.

You may not understand why I smile but it isn't for you to get.

Just know, my daddy was in prison before my first steps as a child. He was in prison and he got out. 

He got out and tried to rekindle our relationship. He got out only to go back in 10 years later. 

And it hurts, but it will not define me. It will not define the relationship with my future husband. It will be a lesson learned. 

I have to remind myself that I am not daddy-less. God just chose me to be raised by a superwoman instead. 

Sep 15, 2015

Being Trendy + A Little Black Dress

Hi lovely people, I hope you all are doing wonderful on such a beautiful day. I have been loving this weather lately. This is the time of year we all begin transitioning our day to day outfits by adding fall-like or fall appropriate pieces. For example, we may add a cute ankle bootie to an outfit or a cardigan. All these changes are for a purpose. The most obvious purpose is to keep ourselves warm as the weather is cooler and chillier in the mornings. Another purpose is to be "on trend". Now for those who aren't into fashion, no worries. You still want to stay warm as this transition into fall takes place so you can still relate to the discussion. 

Now I am not a stickler for trends that much, I know that is hard to believe, but it is very true. I hate having to buy new clothes each season because a magazine has put out there that fringe is the next big thing for fall. Don't freak out, if you don't have any fringe in your closet that does not mean you have to run out and get every piece of clothing you can find with fringe. If you do that, you will be disappointed next season because it could be in one day and out the next (not really but you get the point). So with all that being said, I styled a great staple item in my wardrobe to shed some light on "being trendy". The key to being trendy is how you manipulate your staple items to completely alter their appearance. 

So lets get right to it! Today, we are manipulating my staple little black dress. I have many little black dresses as I feel they all have their own purpose in my wardrobe but this one in particular is multipurpose. It is very lady like and flows well which automatically caught my eye. The A-line shape is very flattering on all body types so it was a great fashion find. For the purpose of work today, I decided to style the dress in a more professional way. The added blazer was the perfect touch of professionalism. It falls in an ideal spot to alleviate my dress riding up as I walk. The ankle booties were a must as the weather this morning was a little brisk. I did not want to wear any pumps or stilettos because it would throw off the edgy feel. The simple accessories are always my go to for work because it brings a more conservative aspect to the entire look. As you all can see, I am not wearing my signature red lip today but if I was headed out for the night I would have definitely made that switch! To keep the look muted and professional I added a nude glossy lip. 


Dress- Zara TRF Collection for $29.90
Blazer- Forever 21 on sale for $8.99
Shoes- Dolce Vita found at Nordstrom Rack for around $25
Watch- Anne Klein found at Marshalls, received as a gift
Lipgloss- Cremesheen Glass in color "Boybait" by MAC

This take on the little black dress is a perfect way to see how far your staple items can go before going out and spending more money! 

Sep 9, 2015

Why I Cut My Hair

Hello beautiful people. I hope you all are enjoying your week thus far. Today I felt that it was appropriate to share with you why I decided to cut my hair off. I have always been one to like shorter hair on myself but this is the shortest I have ever gone. There were many factors leading up to this decision. First, I want to give you all a bit of background on my hair journey. Most specifically my natural hair journey.
My hair has been in its natural state for about 5 years now. I decided to revert back to my natural hair during the summer before my junior year in high school. Before that, my hair was permed since about elementary school. I battled with thin hair throughout middle and high school because of the perm. It had slowly damaged my hair and it became unmanageable for me.
I began seeing a huge trend amongst black women during that time of change in high school. They all seemed to be reverting back to their natural hair. The hair they were born with. I fell in love with this trend but I had no idea what my hair was capable of. I never really saw my hair in its natural state before but I was eager to see the change. Thus, I did my first big chop and I absolutely loved it.
Now to fast-forward a few years, I began struggling with my natural hair. I found myself constantly comparing my natural hair texture to the natural hair "gurus" on YouTube and Instagram. I felt that people glorified their hair and I tried so very hard to manipulate my hair to resemble theirs. I began following several motivational or inspirational natural hair Instagrams and blogs. I began seeing another trend amongst these "inspirational" blogs. Most of their natural hair pics did not inspire me. It was as if they only focused on one type or texture of hair. The hair that was seen as "good hair".
This is when I began to doubt my natural hair texture. I began to see it as an ugly flaw. I started comparing myself to other people within the natural hair community that were constantly being glorified for their "good hair". This began to weigh on me heavy. To the point were I focused each day and each second of my day on my hair. I worried about how my hair looked, how other people looked at me and my hair and more. I even tossed and turned at night thinking of different ways to manipulate my hair so that it could be glorified to. I can't truly explain why this became so important to me but it did and I began to lose focus on what made me beautiful.
After much reflection, I felt that it was time to cut my hair. This to me was my way of taking back my power. I find that I often hold too much importance to hair and makeup. We all do and I do not want that to be so. I hope that my story can somehow inspire you all to embrace the beauty of you and to be brave enough and strong enough to see that you are incomparable.
Embrace all of the beauty that is you!

Sep 6, 2015

Getting Fall Ready

Welcome all. I hope you are enjoying your holiday weekend. Unfortunately, I am working but no sweat. I still am super excited for this Labor Day. I always see this holiday as the first sign of Autumn. It brings so much joy to myself and my wardrobe. Autumn is my favorite season for fashion. I love the burnt orange furs, dark vampy lipsticks and black booties. I truly enjoy transitioning my spring wardrobe into fall. It allows me to be a bit less practical when styling and it allows me to add more wow factors to my everyday outfits.
So with all that being said, today I decided to do a fun transitioning lookbook to give you all some ideas on how to begin transitioning your wardrobe for cooler mornings and breezy evenings. For me, getting ready for fall is pretty simple. I just put away my sandals and pull out my booties. I pretty much wear my entire wardrobe all year around because I shop for basic items that can be used in multiple ways.
For example, this long tank dress is ideal for spring and summer. It is easy to style and the color will go well with all of the golden accessories we tend to wear in the warmer weather. This dress is also perfect and ideal for fall. The color is still very appropriate for the season and the lightweight fabric will compliment all of your heavy coats and sweaters for the colder weather. The change of shoes and the added gray cardigan makes this dress fall ready for sure. I decided to wear some basic accessories because they are great pieces for both seasons. The simple makeup look is my everyday look and the subtle red lip has become my signature lip for this transitioning season as it compliments all the colors within my wardrobe. These added touches help the transitioning of my wardrobe to be a bit easier for me. I hope they can help you all as well.
Dress- Forever 21 priced at $25
Sandals- Missguided priced around $30
Booties- Dolce Vita found at Nordstrom Rack for around $25
Cardigan- Topshop priced at $90
Watch- Anne Klein found at Marshalls (received as a birthday gift)
Bracelets- Vintage
Lipstick- MAC Red Enriched cremestick liner and So Chaud Matte lipstick
It truly doesn't take much to prep your wardrobe for fall. Just keep in mind that basic pieces such as tank dresses, white V-necks, shirt dresses and blue jeans will go a long way in your wardrobe.
Start getting  fall ready now, it is on its way!


Sep 2, 2015

Dear Self: Realization

You are beautiful, with all of your black girl magic.

You live in a world where black is not beautiful. It is a burden. It is violent. It is unwanted. So how do you cope with the overwhelming amount of melanin in your skin? How do you find beauty in the brown, tanned, complication that is you? Here is how.

You remind yourself daily that you are beautiful. With all of your melanin. With all of your differences, you look into the mirror and say, "I am beautiful". Because you are. 

You are afraid to love because you feel unworthy. You continuously point out the bad in you. 

Stop that. 

You see those girls with thousands of followers on social media and you begin to question your beauty.

But what you fail to realize is that you are worthy. Those girls are beautiful but so are you. It shouldn't take thousands of followers or a man to feel that. 

Beauty is skin deep and your skin is deeper than most, purer than most, better than most. 

Embody all that is your black girl magic. That black girl magic is undeniably beautiful.

Your black girl magic is glowing each day from inside out.

Your black girl magic is kinky hair that can be manipulated with an afro comb or a flat iron.

Your black girl magic is being one shade of gold in the winter and another shade of gold in the summer.

Your black girl magic is confidence.

Your black girl magic is knowledge and wisdom.

Your black girl magic is strength and forgiveness. Strength to live in a country that once saw your people as property. Forgive those who look at you and fear you, and hate you because of the color of your skin.

Your black girl magic is power. Aspire to embody the same power as your black queens who ruled dynasties and armies. 

Your black girl magic is melanin. Because some people have to tan every summer just to temporarily be as bronze and golden as you. 

Your black girl magic is beauty. Beauty from within. Beauty from your well structured face to your stretch marks on your thighs, to your bravery and dignity, to your big brown eyes, to your fluttery are beautiful.

Beautiful, with all of your black girl magic. Learn to embrace it. 
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