Oct 22, 2015

Trend Alert: Slip-On Sneakers

Trend Alert: Slip-On Sneakers

A new day, a new trend alert. I feel like I haven't done a trend alert for you all in a while so I thought today would be the perfect day to do so. This is the season of nonstop shopping and prepping for the holidays. I have seen so many great new trends that are worthy of purchasing thus far this season but this is by far my all time favorite. Slip-on sneakers have been apart of my wardrobe since I was a little girl. Needless to say, I put them away for quite sometime because they started to decline in the fashion world. But now, there is no holding me back. I am going to wear my slip-on sneakers with pride and comfort!

For those who are not familiar with the term "slip-on" they are sneakers or flat shoes that do not have any laces, buckles or straps. You simply slip them onto your feet and go. There are so many different designs for the slip on sneakers nowadays-- they have many different patterns, textures, and even platform heights. The list goes on but for the purpose of this trend alert, I styled 3 of the basic slip-on sneakers you will see often in retails stores today. Of course they differ in appearance but they can be worn relatively the same. So lets jump right into the details of each look.

Look 1: The first look is for those lazy feminine days. The slip-on sneakers are very simple in style and color. They do not have any distinct features or details which gives us a lot of wiggle room for our outfit. I decided to style them with a shift sweater dress. The ribbed detailing and the pockets of the dress gives this look more texture. I love the balance of this outfit. 

Look 2: Next is for the tomboy or more masculine days. I enjoy wearing boyfriend jeans and over-sized sweaters in the fall and winter because they make for an easy look that always seems put together. To jazz up the dull colors of the jeans and sweater, I went for the leopard patterned sneakers. The turtleneck will give you more height. This is an added bonus given that we are not wearing heels. 

Look 3: Last but not least is for those glamorous, nothing to do days. You know those days were you wake up feeling very Audrey Hepburn but truly are just going to work or out on a lunch date. Well this is the look for those days. I played with texture and pattern in this look while still making the outfit very clean. The midi skirt is the jaw dropper as it takes away from the boyish and casual feel of the sneakers. The blouse is very feminine which adds to the glamour factor. 

As easy as it can be to style slip-on sneakers you have to first find the right pair for you. I have seen many great slip-on sneakers at Aldo Shoes, Topshop, The Shoe Hive, H&M, DSW and more. When you are out shopping for your new sneakers, be sure to try them on. You want to be sure they are the perfect fit for you!

Happy Shopping!

Oct 20, 2015

Meet Joshua -- Photographer + Creator

Hi beautiful people. Today is a good day. A good day for many reasons. For Brokecitygrl, it is a good day because I have added a new creator to our family. I wanted to formally introduce you all to a new face who will be assisting me throughout this journey. We happened to go to the same high school and after putting a cry out for help he reached out to me with an open heart and a helping hand. I am so excited to bring him aboard as a photographer and creative mind. Please read our personal interview below to get to know him better.
Behind the lens:

-What is your name and age?
Joshua Donté Shelton; 19

-Where did you primarily grow up?
Alexandria, VA

-How did you know that your passion was photography?
Art in general has always been a passion of mine throughout my entire life. Photography has been a part of my life without me truly knowing it. Growing up we would have a bunch of disposable cameras around the house because my mom loved to take pictures. I loved looking at an image and mesmerizing over how amazing one moment in time could be captured with an entire story behind it. I didn't really dabble into photography until the summer before my 10th grade year. I took some of my money from my summer job and bought a point and shoot Sanyo camera. I knew I wanted to document some of my high school years. I also wanted to be a model at one point and time so I figured I'd start taking pictures to build up my modeling portfolio.  One of my close friends, MayaIndigo, is a photographer and when we hung out she would ask me to pose for her. I would look at her images on her fancy DSLR and think to myself "this is amazing." It seemed like fun being behind the camera. She would let me play with her camera and explain how certain things worked. On Christmas of my sophomore year, my mom bought me a bridge Nikon Coolpix l120 camera which made me take photos even more. I didn't get serious about photography until 2013 (my senior year) when my dad allowed me to borrow his Canon Rebel XS. Photography captures an entire story in one shot which is so powerful to me! I love the beauty of women and realized the stories of women of color were not being captured in the media, fashion or art world as a whole. I felt and still feel that the images of women of color are not fully inclusive of the full spectrum of diversity and beauty. So I wanted to start to create these magnificent and transcendent images that steer away from the western standard's of  beauty. 

 -What was your biggest fear when starting your photography portfolio?
My biggest fear about starting my photography portfolio was and sometimes still is not being good or creative enough.

-What about fashion interest you the most?
The thing that interest me the most about fashion is the ability to express yourself. We may not have been able to create our "look" at birth but with fashion we are somewhat in control. We are able to have fun and experiment in order to create who you are and who you want to be.

-Do you believe in good energy and bad energy?
Without a doubt I am a believer in good and bad energy. I'm very aware and sensitive to when I or someone else does or does not vibe right.

-What made you want to come on board with Brokecitygrl?
I wanted to come on board with Brokecitygrl because I knew you were a driven and passionate creative that wants to create quality content. I knew joining Brokecitygrl would be a great team to be a part of because surrounding oneself with other creatives will push one to be and grow greatly as an artist.

-Who are your biggest inspirations?
My mother, Tim Burton, Tim Walker, Spike Lee, Oprah, Quentin Tarantino, Solange Knowles, Nina Simone and I think the list could go on forever but these are the people I could think of off the top of my head.

-What do you do in your spare time besides photography?
I try to stay inspired and keep the creativity flowing. I watch documentaries, research iconic artist and look at blogs-- Streetetique Mood board Tumblr is amazing!

-Where does your inspiration usually come from for your photo shoots?
Inspiration for my photo shoots comes from any and everywhere. Whether it be a certain message I want to convey, a scene in a film, music, a specific color, fashion show, an iconic person or an image.

-Do you have any other aspirations in life?
My other aspirations in life include transitioning my photography  into cinematography/film. I would like to create movies that are inclusive of all the types of people that breakdown stereotypes and shed light on new and different stories.

-What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word “change”?
Relax and release. Allow yourself to walk into the unknown with your guard down and a sense of optimism.

-Are you excited about this new change and journey?
Yes, I'm definitely excited about this new change and journey! 

I hope you all accept him with open arms and welcome him to Brokecitygrl with love. I included a bit of his work below for you all to enjoy. More of his amazing work can be found here:  http://imagesbydonte.crevado.com/

You can also connect with him via social media
Instagram: @joshuadonte_
Facebook: Josh Shelton

Stay tuned for amazing things!

Oct 18, 2015

Grey On Grey

Hello folks! I am so glad to share this outfit of the day with you all as it has been a while since I had the time to do so. Today is a simple day in my life. I have work and later on I will be having Sunday dinner with the family. I woke up not truly knowing what to wear and not truly wanting to get out of bed. I automatically reached for these two pieces in my wardrobe. This dark grey simple turtle neck sweater and my favorite grey pleated skirt. These two pieces mirrored my mood perfectly this morning.

I have always liked wearing all black but I never considered an all grey outfit until today. I love this look so much that I feel the need to purchased more grey pieces for my wardrobe to play with. The dark grey colors are not exactly the same but they compliment each other just enough for this outfit to work. The turtleneck is very soft and subtle and the pleats in the skirt add more shape to the look. I had to throw on these thick tights because of the cold weather and the sleek ankle boots just seemed fitting to complete the look. Having the grey at the top and the black at the bottom makes the outfit strategic and well coordinated-- one color does not overwhelm the other. I hope you all enjoyed this outfit of the day! Keep reading for all the details.

D E T A I L S:
Skirt- Forever 21 purchased for around $25
Turtleneck- Forever 21 purchased for around $7
Tights- Forever 21 purchased for $9.99
Shoes- H&M purchased for around $30

Happy Sunday!

Oct 6, 2015

Dear Self: Release Pain, Repair Strength

Dear Self, 
Be Strong.
Love, Self

Last night, you had the pleasure of meeting your idol. Alex Elle--author + creator. 

You decided that it was time for you to do something good for your self by yourself. 

So last night after a long and hard day of work, you went home, got dressed and rushed out the door without even grabbing a bite to eat.

You did all of this not knowing what lie ahead of you . Not knowing if it would be the right environment for you. 

You are already protective of your space. But you still decided to go. 

Blind and scared, you parked your car and inhaled deeply then sighed. 

You walked to the door of Yoga Del Sol with uncertainty. 

Still scared, you decided to keep walking and climbing. When you reached the top of the stairs, there was a piece of heaven waiting for you. 

A little piece of heaven. A little piece of healing. A little piece of joy.

Warmed faces greeted you. Laughter filled the room along with love.

Right then, you knew that this was the place you needed to be. This event was created for you-- simply put.

As you mingled and let your guard down, you began to feel at home. 

Right at home with complete strangers. Who knew that this was even possible. 

You sat down in a lazy staff pose not knowing what would come next.

As the hostess began to speak, you had reassurance that your journey and self-walk was just as important as theirs. 

You participated in a meditation led by the Holistic Practitioner, Almila Kakinc. 

A meditation that was truly needed for you to feel more self aware.

Next, you participated in a writing meditation led by Alex Elle.

You wrote on a small cloud blue sticky note something you are releasing. 

In this moment, in that moment you decided to release P A I N. 

A weight was automatically lifted but there is a deep rooted cause to this pain that you need to face.

So, you wrote on a big cloud blue sticky note something you are replacing that pain with.

After a quick sigh, you wrote S T R E N G T H.

In that moment, in this moment you decide to be strong. 

Dear Self,
Be thankful for your struggles.
Love, Self

Oct 3, 2015

Freelance Photographer Needed: Serious Inquiries Only

Hey guys! I wanted to make a quick announcement for today with hopes that I will find an amazing person to collaborate with. I am searching for a freelance photographer based out of the D.C, Maryland, Virginia area. I am truly looking to expand my blog and brand in 2016 but I need some help. 

As many of you know, I am not a professional photographer or blogger for that matter so Broke City Grl is still in the beginning phases of greatness. After searching many different fashion blogs and following so many amazing and talented fashion bloggers, I have come up with a vision that I am ready to make into a reality. I initially started this blog out of pure passion for fashion. I never thought it would transform into what it is today. I now feel obligated to start providing better content for all of my readers and supporters. There are so many opportunities out there for you all, myself and business partners that are definitely within reach. 

With your help, we can truly continue to grow Broke City Grl into an inspirational blog. A blog that is not just geared towards fashion, lifestyle and beauty but a blog that is geared towards girl power and magic! So with all that being said, I am looking for a freelance photographer who is interested in growing their business and brand with me. If you are at all interested or know someone that may be interested in this opportunity please email me. 


P.S. I cannot promise monetary rewarding at this time but as we continue to grow together, we will obtain much more.

Oct 2, 2015

The Style Book Launch Party

O U T F I T:
S N E A K P E E K:
It's October! I don't know if I should cry or be happy that the holiday season is near. There is a lot to be joyous and excited about this fall and winter. To kick off this month, I attended a launch party. The launch party was for a style book that I had been apart of. I was asked by my good friend and manager, Christen Kinard to model for a secret project for Alexandria Stylebook. I was thrilled to know that my face would be in a published book. That to me is something that happens once in a life time. 
I was invited to the style book launch party which was held in the most adorable and unique venue in Alexandria, Virginia. I spent my Thursday night dancing to a live band, eating great food and sharing great moments in a room full of amazing women. It was a wonderful night of mingling and celebrating a phenomenal accomplishment for Alexandria Stylebook and myself. This was very important for me to be apart of. I feel that this book is helping Alexandria get one step closer to changing the dynamics of fashion in the area. There are so many amazing boutiques and stylist in the Alexandria/ Oldtown area that are often unnoticed. Many of these boutiques include The Shoe Hive, Kiskadee and Coco Blanca--all of which were apart of this style book. There are also several great stylist in the area such as Kathryn Martin and Alicia McCaslin. I would also consider myself an upcoming stylist in the area but there is still work to be done on my part to truly achieve this dream.
For those who are interested in The Style Book it is available now for purchase electronically and as a hard copy. I would suggest everyone check out Alexandria Stylebook and support all that they are doing. Especially if you are a lover of fashion, beauty and health/wellness. You will not be disappointed.
I promise!
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