Oct 18, 2015

Grey On Grey

Hello folks! I am so glad to share this outfit of the day with you all as it has been a while since I had the time to do so. Today is a simple day in my life. I have work and later on I will be having Sunday dinner with the family. I woke up not truly knowing what to wear and not truly wanting to get out of bed. I automatically reached for these two pieces in my wardrobe. This dark grey simple turtle neck sweater and my favorite grey pleated skirt. These two pieces mirrored my mood perfectly this morning.

I have always liked wearing all black but I never considered an all grey outfit until today. I love this look so much that I feel the need to purchased more grey pieces for my wardrobe to play with. The dark grey colors are not exactly the same but they compliment each other just enough for this outfit to work. The turtleneck is very soft and subtle and the pleats in the skirt add more shape to the look. I had to throw on these thick tights because of the cold weather and the sleek ankle boots just seemed fitting to complete the look. Having the grey at the top and the black at the bottom makes the outfit strategic and well coordinated-- one color does not overwhelm the other. I hope you all enjoyed this outfit of the day! Keep reading for all the details.

D E T A I L S:
Skirt- Forever 21 purchased for around $25
Turtleneck- Forever 21 purchased for around $7
Tights- Forever 21 purchased for $9.99
Shoes- H&M purchased for around $30

Happy Sunday!

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