Nov 20, 2015

A Better Day

Photography by Joshua Shelton

Today, I choose happy. I woke up feeling like a better Self. I felt comfortable in my skin. I felt comfortable in my space. I felt comfortable in my journey. I am not perfect because perfect does not exist. It is okay to be flawed and to feel doubtful. It is not okay to sit in darkness and allow your spirit to stay low. So today, I choose happy and tomorrow I choose happy and every day forward, I will choose happy.

With all that has been going on with me, I decided to share this Lookbook with you all because I miss blogging and sharing pieces of me, with you. Blogging, being behind the camera and embracing fashion and styling is what makes me more than happy in life so to get through this journey of healing, I think it would be best to journey on through Broke City Grl. This Lookbook is an older one, I am not going to lie but sharing is caring.

I styled this look with minimalism in mind. I have always been a minimalist for the most part as I find it is easier for me to dress in timeless pieces. This white button up tunic is definitely a timeless piece. It is so perfectly detailed and structured. I found this bad boy on sale at Topshop in Springfield Town Center as I was on my way to see the Peanut's Movie. I saw a sale sign and had to make a detour and I am so glad I did because I will cherish this tunic/shirt forever. The best part about has pockets! Pure perfection.

D E T A I L S:

Shirt/Tunic- purchased from Topshop on sale for around $25.
Jeans- purchased a long time ago from Marshalls, Levis brand.
Shoes- purchased from H&M for $49.99.
Handbag- Cynthia Rowley purchased from T.J. Maxx (not sure of the price).

I believe this entire outfit cost me less than $200. That is what I live for! Be sure to keep those timeless pieces in your wardrobe. You will regret consigning them or throwing them away.

Trust me!

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