Nov 16, 2015

Dear Self: Forgotten

Face the facts. Overcome the fears.

You feel forgotten. Forgotten by many. 

You love so hard, that when someone leaves you, moves on, passes you by, you feel forgotten. 

Forgotten and left in the past. 

But everyone around you says you have a shining light.

What they don't know is that you feel nothing but darkness inside. 

You feel forgotten. Forgotten by your friends. 

You haven't talked to many of them in months. And it bothers you. 

It bothers you because, they seem happy and you are just forgotten and left with emptiness inside. 

You feel forgotten. Forgotten by your ex-loves.

You care so much that you check on them to see how they are doing. 

Their responses are nonchalant and distasteful. They move on and you are still forgotten.

You explain these feelings to your family but they just can't seem to understand. 

They just say, "you are worth more than them" or "f*** them". But the pain still lingers. 

It isn't about them. This feeling of forgetfulness is deep rooted and you need to get to the bottom of it.

You look up the word depression.

Depression. A noun. It is defined as the "feelings of severe despondency and dejection."

Could you be depressed? Feeling discouraged and in a state of low spirits.

This is not how you imagined your life to be.

So why?

Why do you feel forgotten? Why is it that you love so hard and when it is not returned it saddens you.

Deeply saddens you. 

You must address these emotions and this pain because it is beginning to affect your day to day. 

You are not the same. You are not happy and you are not gracious like you once were.

You have to talk to someone. You have to figure this out. It will break you if you don't.

It is time to face the facts and overcome the fears. 

P.S. Depression is a serious illness. If you are feeling doubtful, in low spirits, are having anxiety issues or any other symptoms as those mentioned in this post, please consult a physician immediately. Seek help, that is most important when dealing with depression. 


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