Nov 4, 2015

Dear Self: Looking For Happiness

Find happiness from within.
You have been searching for happiness for the past few months. Yearning for something or someone, to make you happy.
But no one can truly make you happy other than yourself.
No one knows your happy better than you do.

Do not depend on others to make you happy.

Because once they go, so does your happiness. Not saying that they all will go, but some surely will.
And that is O.K.

You need to ensure that when they go, your happiness stays.

Find it from within and keep it close.

You have been on a self-love journey for quite sometime and you truly have not learned anything.

You still yearn for love elsewhere, you still compare your life to theirs and you still are not in love with yourself as you should be.

It will not happen overnight. You know this. But are you even trying?
Take a moment and answer this question.
What is your happy?
It is a hard question to answer.
You do not need to know the answer today but each day forward, find one thing that makes you happy.
Today, one answer to the question is writing. Writing is your happy.
So keep writing.
Write often. Write honestly. Write graciously. Write happily.
Find your happiness from within.



  1. I'm really enjoying your self notes :) xo

    1. Thank you love. I will keep sharing them with you all.


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