Nov 7, 2015

Soft + Sophisticated

Photography by Joshua Shelton
Rise + shine to you all and Happy Saturday! I hope all of you are well and ready for another amazing Lookbook. Today's look is my spin on sophisticated winter wear. For those who work in an office setting or young professionals in general, it can be hard figuring out ways to stay warm and still look the part. I have had trouble with this myself but I found a few things that work well for me. First, I decided that tights were "okay" to wear. Often times, we want to wear cute dresses and skirts but it may be too cold out and not many of us are fans of tights. Just go for a simple black tight. I say, add it to your work wardrobe for the winter and you won't regret it. They aren't that expensive so you can stock up on them if that is easiest for you. It will truly make a difference and you will be able to wear your spring and fall dresses straight through December and January. Next, I have invested in ankle booties--heeled preferred. H&M has a great selection of comfortable ankle booties that can be worn in a professional setting. Lastly, get a ton of blazers. I have always been a lover of blazers but I found that they are the best statement piece for work wear in the winter. 

This look was put together as the outcome of considering the 3 tips I mentioned above. The turtleneck sweater dress is the show stopper in this look. I love the versatility of this dress. For the purpose of this Lookbook I chose to dress it up but it can certainly be worn as a casual piece if preferred. All the details are below loves! 

D E T A I L S:

Dress- purchased at Forever 21 for $25
Blazer- purchased at H&M (boyfriend blazer) for around $25
Tights- purchased at H&M for $9.99 (it was a two pack of tights)
Shoes- purchased at H&M for around $30-$50 (I can't truly remember)
Watch- Anne Klein, received as a gift

For those interested, I will begin adding a "get the look" shopping browser to help you all find the pieces I mention often in my post. Stay tuned!


  1. Love the quality of your pictures and post of late.

    1. Thank you love. It's all thanks to my photographer Josh Shelton.


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